How the Resignation of Annette Kurschus Impacts the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland (EKD) (2023)

On November 20, 2023, Annette Kurschus, the Ratsvorsitzende (Chairperson) of the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland (EKD), announced her resignation amidst allegations of misconduct against a former church employee in Siegen. This development has significant implications for the EKD and its leadership structure.

Background of the Resignation

According to reports from the "Siegener Zeitung," Kurschus was allegedly informed early on about allegations of abuse against the former colleague in the Siegen church district. However, it is claimed that she took no action in response to these allegations. Kurschus, a theologian, stated that she was friends with the accused individual's family and was aware of his homosexual orientation and marital infidelity, but had no knowledge of any potential abuse. She emphasized that her intention was never to protect the accused individual.

Kirsten Fehrs as Interim Ratsvorsitzende

Following Kurschus' resignation, Kirsten Fehrs, the Bishop of Hamburg, has assumed the role of kommissarische (interim) Ratsvorsitzende of the EKD. Fehrs expressed her respect for Kurschus' decision and emphasized the EKD's commitment to continue addressing and preventing sexual violence. The resignation of Kurschus places a responsibility on the EKD to further advance its efforts in addressing and preventing sexual abuse .

Impact on the EKD and Its Work

The resignation of Annette Kurschus has raised concerns among individuals involved in the process of addressing and preventing sexual abuse within the Evangelische Kirche. Detlev Zander, an advocate for abuse survivors in Korntal, Stuttgart, expressed his worry that the scandal surrounding Kurschus may undermine the ongoing work of addressing abuse within the church. He emphasized the importance of maintaining credibility and trust in order to effectively support survivors of abuse.

The Way Forward

The EKD will need to navigate the aftermath of Kurschus' resignation and ensure that the process of addressing and preventing sexual abuse remains a priority. The appointment of Kirsten Fehrs as the interim Ratsvorsitzende signifies the EKD's commitment to continuing its work in this area. It is crucial for the EKD to communicate openly and transparently to support survivors and address the challenges posed by this situation .


The resignation of Annette Kurschus as the Ratsvorsitzende of the EKD has created a significant impact on the church's leadership and its efforts to address and prevent sexual abuse. The appointment of Kirsten Fehrs as the interim Ratsvorsitzende reflects the EKD's commitment to continuing its work in this area. Moving forward, it is essential for the EKD to prioritize transparency, support survivors, and maintain credibility in order to effectively address the challenges posed by this situation .

Note: This article is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the resignation of Annette Kurschus and its impact on the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland. It is important to consult additional sources for a more detailed analysis and up-to-date information on this topic.


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