API response and error codes: API (2023)

  • Updated November 15, 2022
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These response codes provide a more detailed description of any issues an API call may have encountered, including incorrect parameters or actions that violate the system's business logic, such as: B. Illegal status changes, invalid values ​​or dates, and so on on.


(Video) Understanding API Response code

The response codes below cover API v1 and v2

Generic response codes (1 - 60)

response codeDescription
0SUCCESSThe request was successful
1INVALID_BASIC_AUTHORIZATIONThe app ID or app key is not set correctly.
2INVALID CREDENTIALSThe specified username and password were invalid.
4INVALID PARAMETERSA required parameter for this API operation is invalid or not provided.
5METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTEDThe HTTP method for this operation is not implemented. For example, the API operation was only defined for an HTTP GET request and an HTTP POST request was invoked.
6INTERNAL ERRORAn unknown Mambu exception was thrown.
7API_NOT_AUTHORIZEDThe caller is not allowed to become users of the API service. Check your keys on the API portal.
8USER_TRANSACTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe API was not properly configured for monitoring.
9API_CONFIGURATION_ERRORThe API account is not authorized to make transactions (deposits, withdrawals, etc.) of this size.
10INVALID_TENANT_IDNo tenants were found to respond to this API call.
11INVALID_PAGINATION_OFFSET_VALUEThe pagination offset value was not a proper integer value.
12OUT_OF_BOUNDS_PAGINATION_OFFSET_VALUEPaging offset value was less than 0.
13INVALID_PAGINATION_LIMIT_VALUEThe paging limit was not a proper integer value.
14OUT_OF_BOUNDS_PAGINATION_LIMIT_VALUEThe paging limit was less than 0 or greater than its upper limit.
fifteenINVALID_PERMISSIONSThe user does not have permissions to complete an operation.
16INVALID IP ADDRESSThis IP address is not authorized for API access.
17INACTIVE_USERThe user account is not active and cannot be used.
18NO_API_ACCESSThe user does not have API access permissions.
20MAX_FILE_SIZE_EXCEEDEDThe file size is greater than 5242880 bytes.
21MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH_EXCEEDEDThe file name, including the path, is longer than 256 characters.
22UNSUPPORTED_CHARACTER_ENCODINGThe file has an incompatible character encoding. Character encoding must be supported by Java.
23INVALID_API_PROTOCOLThe request was made using an invalid protocol. Mambu APIs always use HTTPS.
24EXCESSIVE_INVALID_REQUESTSAccount is temporarily disabled due to excessive fake logins and requires an admin to unlock it. For instructions on how to reactivate your account, go to:Manage Users and Permissions
25INCONSISTENT_IDENTIFIER_WITH_JSONIf the identifier does not match the JSON encoded key or object ID.
26INVALID_JSON_SYNTAXWhen JSON parsing fails. Some cases that can cause this error: invalid JSON syntax, invalid enum values, invalid data type for value, etc.
27PARAMETER_NOT_ALLOWEDA parameter in the API call is not allowed in this context.
28START_DATE_AFTER_END_DATEIf the start date of the API parameter is later than the end date of the API parameter.
29ITEM NOT FOUNDIf no objects are found for the specified identifier.
30MISSING_ENTITY_JSONIf the required entity JSON object is missing.
31MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETERA required parameter is missing from the input.
60BLOCKING_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESSIf the operation cannot be performed due to another pending operation that has locked shared resources.

Loan Accounts (97 - 199)

response codeDescription
97NON_REVERSIBLE_WRITE_OFFIf the loan account cannot reverse the write-off transaction.
98NON_WEEKLY_LOAN_REPAYMENTSIf the company assigned to a center with a different meeting day has a loan account with non-weekly repayments.
99INCONSISTENT_LINKED_ACCOUNTIf the linked account does not match the current loan.
100INVALID_LOAN_ACCOUNT_IDThe specified loan account does not exist.
101INVALID QUANTITYThe quantity parameter is 0, not an integer, or invalid.
102INVALID DATAThe date parameter is not formatted correctly. It must conform to the ISO standard, e.g. Eg: YYYY-MM-DD.
103INVALID_NOTESNotes parameter is invalid.
104INVALID_TRANSACTION_TYPE_IDWhen the provided transaction channel ID or key is invalid.
105INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATEOne of the accounts involved in the call has an invalid status. This can occur, for example, when transactions are posted to/from accounts with an inactive status, or when transactions are posted that trigger mass reversals to/from another account with an inactive status.
106INVALID_FEEThe account is in an invalid state for the specified operation.
107LOAN_PRODUCT_MISMATCHAccount parameters do not match credit product parameters.
108INVALID_FIELD_FOR_TRANSACTION_TYPEWhen a field is specified as a parameter, but the transaction type does not allow it.
109INACTIVE_TRANSACTION_TYPEWhen trying to complete a transaction through an inactive transaction channel.
110EXCESS_REPAYMENT_ERRORThe repayment amount exceeds the loan balance.
111TRANSACTION_LOGGED_AFTER_NOT_DISBURSED_TRANCHEWhen a transaction is recorded after an unpaid installment.
112UNDEFINED_ACCOUNT_FOR_FINANCIAL_RESOURCE_ERRORThe account specified for the finance resource is not defined.
113INVALID_ACCOUNT_FOR_JOURNAL_ENTRY_ERRORThe account specified for the journal entry is invalid.
114MISSING_LOAN_IDLoan Account ID not provided.
115MAXIMUM_EXPOSURE_EXCEEDEDwhen a client's maximum exposure is exceeded.
116INVALID_STATE_TRANSITIONAn invalid credit account status transition.
117NUMBER_OF_LOANS_EXCEEDWhen the number of loans for an organization is exceeded.
118INVALID_FIRST_REPAYMENT_DUE_DATEThe due date does not apply to the first refund.
119INVALID_REPAYMENT_DUE_DAYIf the refund date does not coincide with the day of the designated center session.
120INVALID_INTEREST_RATEAn invalid interest rate is used as a parameter.
121INVALID_INSTALLMENTSAn invalid number of installments is used as a parameter.
123PREPAYMENT_NOT_ALLOWED_ERRORIf you attempt to post a prepayment, it will not be allowed at the credit product level.
124REPAYMENT_DATE_IN_THE_FUTURE_ERRORIf the specified repayment date is in the future.
125INVALID_DISBURSEMENT_DATEIf the specified payment date is invalid.
126INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATE_FOR_RESCHEDULEIf the status of the account does not allow rescheduling.
127ORIGINAL_ACCOUNT_HAS_FUNDSWhen trying to reschedule a loan that has funds.
128INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATE_FOR_REPAYMENTSIf the account status does not allow a refund to be entered.
129PAYOUT_FEES_EXCEED_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the sum of withdrawal fees exceeds the loan amount.
130INTEREST_CANNOT_BE_APPLIEDIf interest cannot be posted to the account because the account is not active, then interest is not required, or it is a fixed rate account and interest has already been charged.
131ENTRY_DATE_BEFORE_OTHER_TRANSACTIONSAnother balance transaction was already recorded before this posting date and must be reversed to be retroactive.
132INCONSISTENT_SCHEDULE_PRINCIPAL_DUE_WITH_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the total expected amount according to the payment schedule does not match the loan amount (no rounding selected).
133ACCOUNT_HAS_NO_ACCRUED_INTERESTIf you try to apply accrued interest and the account has no accrued interest.
134INTEREST_ALREADY_APPLIED_ON_DISBURSEMENT_ACCOUNTWhen trying to apply interest to an account using the On Payout interest application method. In this case, interest has already been charged.
135INCONSISTENT_WITH_FIXED_DAYS_OF_MONTHIf the first payment date does not match the loan product Fixed days of the month Payment interval method settings.
136NEGATIVE_PRINCIPAL_FOR_INSTALLMENTIf, after calculating an amortization schedule, one of your amortizations contains a negative principal amount.
137INVALID_TAX_RATEWhen the tax rate for a tax-enabled account does not exist.
138INSUFICIENT_GUARANTEESIf the loan account does not have the required collateral percentage.
139MISSING_REPAYMENT_PERIOD_COUNTIf the number of amortization periods is missing for a loan whose payment method is set to Interval.
140MISSING_REPAYMENT_INTERVALWhen the amortization interval is missing for a loan whose amortization method is set to Interval.
141FUTURE_PAYMENT_NOT_ALLOWED_ERRORWhen trying to post a future payment that is not allowed at the credit product level.
142AUSZAHLUNG_WITH_ZERO_LOAN_AMOUNT_NOT_ALLOWEDIf a loan has zero loan amount and no capitalized fees, it cannot be disbursed.
143ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LOCKEDWhen trying to lock an account that is already in the LOCK state.
144ACCOUNT_ALREADY_UNLOCKEDWhen trying to unlock an account that is not in the LOCK state.
145LOAN_AMOUNT_DECIMALS_NOT_ALLOWED_WITH_ROUNDINGWhen trying to transfer an amount to a loan account with rounding enabled.
146REPLANED_LOANIf deletion is not allowed on the account because it has been moved.
147REFUNDED_LOANWhen deleting, the account is not allowed because it has been refinanced.
148TRANSACTION_IDENTIFIER_ALREADY_USEDWhether the posted transaction identifier has already been used (exists in the datastore).
149INVALID IDWhen the identifier of a posted transaction consists only of spaces or blanks.
150FAILED_TO_GENERATE_IDENTIFIERWhen the account identifier could not be generated due to an internal concurrency issue.
151INCONSISTENT_ACCOUNT_ID_WITH_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_TYPEwhen trying to obtain an account for a customer using a group ID or vice versa.
152INVALID_ASSET_NAMEWhen trying to save an account with asset type collateral, the asset name is null.
153GUARANTOR_KEY_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen trying to save an account with Asset type guarantees, the Guarantor key must be empty.
154GUARANTOR_SAVINGS_KEY_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen trying to deposit an active-type escrow account, the deposit account key must be empty.
155INVALID_GUARANTOR_KEYWhen trying to save an account with Guarantor type guarantees, the Guarantor key is empty.
156INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_KEYWhen trying to deposit an account with guarantor type guarantees, the account key is empty.
157INVALID_GUARANTOR_STATEWhen trying to save an account with Guarantor type guarantees, the Guarantor status is neither ACTIVE nor INACTIVE.
158DUPLICADO_GUARANTOR_WITHOUT_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTWhen attempting to top up an account with guarantees, the guarantor can only top up once without an account.
159DUPLICED_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTWhen attempting to deposit an account with guarantees, the guarantor cannot guarantee the same account twice.
160INSUFFICIENT_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_BALANCEIf the amount guaranteed in specific guarantee is not covered by the deposit account balance (if any).
161INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_STATEWhen a deposit account used as collateral is not in ACTIVE, ACTIVE_IN_ARREARS, Expired or BLOCKED status.
162DUPLICED_ASSETWhen the guarantor vouches for the same asset twice.
163GUARANTOR_ASSET_NAME_NOT_ALLOWEDIf you try to save an account with guarantees of the Guarantor type, the asset name must be empty.
164TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDWhen trying to undo the payment of a transaction that was not found.
165INVALID_TRANSACTION_TYPEWhen trying to undo a transaction whose type is invalid.
166UNREVERSED_TRANSACTION_LOGGED_AFTER_CURRENT_ONEAttempt to launch a transaction, but behind it another transaction has already been launched which cannot be undone by mass correction.
167INVALID_GUARANTOR_PERMISSIONWhen trying to save a sponsorship for a sponsor who does not have sponsorship privileges.
168INVALID_CLIENT_ROLE_PERMISSION_FOR_OPENING_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to create a loan account for a customer who does not have account opening permissions. Permission can be granted by type of administration account.
169MISSING_PENALTY_RATEWhen the product requires penalties, but the account does not have a specified penalty rate (or the product does not have a default penalty rate).
170INVALID_REPAYMENT_NUMBERIf the specified refund number cannot be found in the schedule.
171MISSING_REPAYMENT_NUMBERWhen the refund number is required but not provided.
172INVALID_REPAYMENT_STATEIf the state when the refund given is not valid for the promotion.
173CENTRE_MEETING_DAY_IN_NON_WORKING_DAYWhen a center meeting day is defined as a non-working day and the reimbursement due date needs to be postponed.
174ARBITRARY_FEE_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen an arbitrary rate is reserved, but the product settings do not allow it.
175INVALID_REPAYMENT_IDIf the refund posted does not belong to the account.
176ACCOUNT_BALANCE_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSIf the account balance after applying the updates (principal balance, interest balance, etc.) is negative or greater than the original balance.
177EDITING_DATE_NOT_IN_CENTER_MEETING_DAYWhen you edit a schedule for a loan account that has a central session day and the newly edited amount is not on the same day of the week.
178EDITING_DUE_DATES_NOT_ALLOWEDIf the product uses the ON_REPAYMENT interest method and the refund has been paid in full or in part, or interest has already accrued on the refund, the due date of this refund cannot be changed.
179EDITING_REPAYMENTS_NOT_ALLOWEDIf the loan product does not allow editing of the repayment schedule.
180INTEREST_BALANCE_CANT_BE_EDITED_AT_SPECIFIED_DATEIf the user cannot edit the interest for a specific amortization, then it cannot be changed. For example, if REDUCED INTEREST is reversed and the user can apply it to another amortization.
181INVALID_DUE_DATEWhen the expiration date of a plan is invalid. Example: The due date of an amortization is earlier than the previous amortization due date.
182NEGATIVE BALANCEWhen a balance (principal balance, interest balance, etc.) is negative for a repayment.
183NON_POSITIVE_TOTAL_BALANCEIf the total balance for a refund is not necessarily positive.
184PARAMS_INCONSISTENT_WITH_PRODUCT_RULESIf the API call parameter does not match the product information (>max, <min, etc.).
185INVALID_GRACE_PERIODIf the grace period specified in the API call is invalid (null, negative, etc.).
186INVALID_ANTICIPATED_DISBURSEMENTIf the expected payment provided in the API call is invalid (null, incorrect date format, etc.).
187INVALID_REPAYMENT_FREQUENCYIf the number of return periods specified in the API call or the return period unit is invalid (null, invalid value, etc.).
188INVALID_PRINCIPAL_REPAYMENT_INVERVALWhen the principal return range specified in the API call is invalid (null, incorrect value, etc.).
189INVALID_PRODUCT_STATEWhen the product is in an invalid state for the specified operation.
190BALLOON_PAYMENTS_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_PRODUCTIf a regular payment amount is provided, but the product does not allow balloon payments.
191MANDATORY_PERIODIC_PAYMENTIf no regular payment amount is specified, but the product offers balloon payments.
192PERIODIC_PAYMENT_GREATER_THAN_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the regular payment amount is greater than the total loan amount on the account.
193MISSING_INTEREST_RATE_SPREAD_ON_PRODUCTWhen trying to view a timeline for a loan product where the interest source is the same as the index rate and the product does not have a defined default interest margin.
194FIRST_REPAYMENT_DATE_BEFORE_EXPECTED_DISBURSEMENT_DATEThe first repayment must be made no earlier than the expected payment date.
195INVALID_PENALTY_RATEThe penalty rate is incorrect. The rate is NULL when a number is expected or outside the allowed product limits.
196CANNOT_EDIT_SOLIDARITY_LOANSThe account belongs to a solidarity group and cannot be edited.
197INVALID_INTEREST_SPREADThe interest margin is invalid (null, out of bounds, or used when the interest rate source is FIXED_INTEREST_RATE).
198INVALID_PERIODIC_PAYMENTPeriodic payment is not valid. The account does not use balloon payments.
199UNKNOWN_LOAN_ACCOUNT_ERRORAn error occurred while processing the loan account.

The group (200 - 210)

response codeDescription
200MISSING_GROUP_IDThe group identifier was not specified.
201INVALID_GROUP_IDThere is no group with the specified id.
202INVALID_FULL_DETAILSThe fullDetails parameter is invalid.
203INVALID_INDICATORSThe specified bookmark is invalid.
204GROUP_NOT_FOUNDWhen no group is found for a given identifier.
205INVALID_PARAMATERS_FOR_PRODUCTIf the loan/deposit parameters are not valid for the specified product.
206INVALID_USER_WHO_APPROVED_THE_LOAN_CANNOT_DISBURSE_ITIf the two-man rule is enabled, the user who approved the loan will not be able to withdraw.
207INVALID_GROUP_SIZEThe group size is outside the organization's boundaries.
208MULTIPLE_GROUP_MEMBERSHIPThe group has customers who are already in the group and multiple membership is not allowed.
209INVALID_GROUP_ROLE_NAME_KEYThere is no group role name with the provided key.
210GROUP_ROLE_CLIENT_NOT_GROUP_MEMBERThe client ID specified for the role is not a member of the group.

Transactions and cash balances (211 - 249)

response codeDescription
211TRANSACTION_ALREADY_REVERSEDWhen trying to roll back a transaction that has already been rolled back.
212INVALID_TRANSACTION_IDWhen you try to perform an action on a transaction and the given ID is invalid.
213TRANSACTION_ID_AND_ACCOUNT_MISMATCHWhen you try to perform an action on a transaction for a specific account and the transaction does not belong to that account.
214TRANSACTION_CREATED_DURING_IMPORTWhen trying to undo a warehouse transaction created during import. Imported transactions cannot be undone.
215TRANSACTION_LOGGED_FOR_CLOSED_TILLWhen a loan or deposit transaction has been recorded during the lifetime of a (now) closed record and an attempt is made to reverse or delete the transaction.
216TILL_BALANCE_ABOVE_MAXWhen the cash register balance exceeds the specified maximum limit.
217ATILL_BALANCE_UNDER_MINWhen the cash register balance drops below the minimum threshold.
218TRANSACTION_MADE_FROM_A_TRANSFERWhen a DEPOSIT transaction is attempted to be reversed but it was made by bank transfer.
219TRANSACTION_MADE_FROM_A_DISBURSEMENTWhen an attempt is made to reverse a DEPOSIT transaction, but this was done via a withdrawal transaction.
220DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_HAS_MATURITY_DATE_SETFor active fixed-term deposit accounts with a fixed maturity, the deposit cannot be reversed.
221BALANCE_IS_NULLWhen an attempt is made to reverse a deposit transaction, but the balance is zero.
222GUARANTOR_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_PRODUCTWhen trying to create a credit account with sponsors for a product that does not allow sponsors.
223COLLATERAL_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_PRODUCTIf you are trying to create a secured loan account for a product that does not allow collateral.
224CANNOT_CHANGE_TILL_BALANCEAttempted to change the vault value of a record and the data is invalid.
225DEDUCTED_FEES_TOTAL_MORE_THAN_LOAN_AMOUNTWhen you try to deposit a loan account and the sum of the given fees deducted exceeds the loan amount.
226NO_CAPITALIZED_DISBURSEMENT_FESS_WHEN_ZERO_LOAN_AMOUNTIf an attempt is made to save a loan account with a loan amount of zero, the developer will not provide a capitalized fee.
227DISBURSE_TO_SAVINGS_NOT_AVALAIBLE_WITH_INVESTOR_FUNDSWithdrawal to deposit is not available when there are investor funds in the account.
228TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_IS_MANDATORYWhen trying to save a loan account with the required transaction channel and the developer does not provide a transaction channel.
229TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_DISBURSE_TO_SAVINGSWhen trying to deposit a loan account, the developer provides a transaction channel and deposit account key.
230FIADOR_CANNOT_BE_DELETEDWhen trying to exclude a guarantor.
231CUSTOM_AMOUNT_IS_MANDATORYWhen trying to save a loan account, the developer provides charges that require a custom amount and the user doesn't specify it.
232INVALID_TRANSACTION_CHANNELWhen trying to save a loan account with the required transaction channel, the developer provides an invalid transaction channel.
233MISSING_FEEWhen you try to save a loan account and the developer provides custom rates that don't specify the predefined rate.
234INCONSISTENT_ACCOUNT_FEE_WITH_PRODUCT_FEEWhen you try to deposit to a credit account and the developer charges fees that are not defined in the credit product.
235INCONSISTENT_DISBUSEMENT_DETAILS_WITH_ACCOUNTWhen you try to deposit a loan account and the developer specifies the expected payment date or/and the first payment date twice (at the account level and at the payment details level), but differently.
236MISSING_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_KEYWhen trying to save a loan account and the developer does not provide the transaction channel ID/encryption key.
237TRANSACTION_DETAILS_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_PRODUCTWhen trying to save a loan account and the developer provides transaction details for a loan product type for which transaction details are not available.
238FEES_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_PRODUCTWhen trying to save a loan account, the developer provides predefined rates for a type of loan product for which predefined rates are not available for loan account selection.
239EXPECTED_DISBURSEMENT_DATE_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_PRODUCTWhen trying to save a loan account and the developer provides the expected disbursement date for a loan product type for which the expected disbursement date is not available for selecting a loan account.
240FIRST_REPAYMENT_DATE_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_PRODUCTWhen trying to file a loan account and the developer provides the first payment date for a loan product type for which the first payment date is not available, it may be selected for a loan account.
244REDRAW_DISABLEDWhen trying to perform resign operations on an account with resigning disabled.
247PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_WITHDRAWAL_TRANSACTIONSWITHDRAWAL_REDRAWThe transaction type is not allowed for the specified account product type.
249PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_PAYMENT_MADE_TRANSACTIONSPAYMENT MADEThe transaction type is not allowed for the specified account product type.

Withdrawal with fees (250 - 299)

response codeDescription
250MISSING_FEE_KEYWhen trying to repay a loan, the developer provides fees that do not have an encrypted key.
251INVALID_FEE_KEYAttempt to disburse a loan account with certain fees, but the rate code key is invalid or unavailable for the product Loan Account.
252INCONSISTENT_FEE_AMOUNT_WITH_PRODUCT_FEEWhen trying to pay off a loan bill at predetermined rates, the developer offers.
253FEE_AMOUNT_MUST_BE_STRICTLY_POSITIVEWhen trying to withdraw from a credit account with specified fees, the specified amount is not necessarily positive.
254REQUIRED_FEE_MISSINGWhen trying to disburse a loan account with specific fees and the developer does not provide all the required fees defined in the loan product.
255FEE_NOT_ACTIVEWhen you are trying to cash out a loan account with certain fees and the developer gives you inactive fees.
256FEE_NOT_AUTHORIZEDWhen trying to withdraw a loan account and the developer provides a fee that is not a withdrawal fee, or trying to process a scheduled fee but the schedule does not allow it.
257INCONSISTENT_FIRST_REPAYMENT_DATE_WITH_PRODUCT_OFFSETHowever, when trying to calculate the schedule, the date of the first amortization is not among the offsets defined in the credit product.
258MISSING_ORIGINAL_TRANSACTION_IDWhen trying to rollback a transaction but the original transaction ID is not present in the API call parameters/json.
260REPAYMENT_WAS_FULLY_PAIDWhen trying to edit the due date of a refund that has already been paid in full.
261REPAYMENT_HAS_INTEREST_APPLIEDRemunerated transactions are recorded after the reimbursement date. You must reverse them before entering amortization so that interest is calculated based on the new amounts.
262DUE_DATE_BEFORE_ACCOUNTING_CLOSUREWhen a refund due date is processed and a journal entry occurs after the due date.
263DUE_DATE_BEFORE_LOGGED_TRANSACTIONWhen you edit a refund due date and the account records a transaction after the due date.
264INVALID_PARENT_ACCOUNT_KEYIf the main account key intended for a special refund does not match the real account key.
265AUTOMATICALLY_ADDED_INSTALLLEMENTS_ARE_NOT_EDITABLEFixed accounts with the 'Compound by Maturity' option will add a new tranche if compounding occurs after the Maturity Date. This rate cannot be edited.
266PURE_GRACE_INSTALLMENT_ARE_NOT_EDITABLEPure goodwill rates are not editable.
267CUSTOM_PAYMENT_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_PRODUCTIf there is a custom refund but the product settings do not allow it.
268SAME_CUSTOM_PAYMENT_AMOUNT_TYPE_USED_MULTIPLE_TIMESWhen a custom payment amount type is used more than once.
269CUSTOM_PAYMENT_AMOUNT_DIFFERENT_THAN_TOTAL_PAYMENT_AMOUNTWhen a custom refund is made and the sum of the custom refund amounts differs from the total refund amount.
271ARREARS_TOLERANCE_PERIOD_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSBy saving the delay grace period for a loan account that is outside the limits of the loan product.
272NEGATIVE_ARREARS_TOLERANCE_PERIODWhen recording a delay grace period for a loan account, this is a negative number.
273REQUIRED_ARREARS_TOLERANCE_PERIOD_MISSINGIf a delay grace period is stored for the loan account and no default grace period is defined for the loan product.
274DUE_DATE_BEFORE_FEE_AMORTIZATIONWhen editing an amortization due date, a rate amortization occurs after the due date.
275MAX_CLIENT_LIMIT_REACHEDWhen the maximum number of customers for a tenant is reached.
276PENALTY_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_PRODUCTIf penalty method is not allowed by product settings.
277CANNOT_REVERSE_TECHNICAL_OVERDRAFTWhen a transaction cannot be reversed due to an existing technical overdraft.
278INADEQUATE BALANCEWhen transactions cannot be reversed because the final available balance would become negative.
279INVALID_PRODUCT_TYPEWhen using a loan type other than revolving credit. Returns the error message:"errorSource": "The operation is not allowed for the product type: {*product_loan_type*}".
282NO_DUE_AMOUNT_TO_BE_PAIDRedemption is not available if the account has no amount to pay.
299UNKNOWN_GROUP_ERRORAn error occurred while processing the group.

Customers (300-399)

response codeDescription
300MISSING_CLIENT_IDClient ID not specified.
301INVALID_CLIENT_IDThe client ID is invalid.
303INVALID_PICTURE_KEYIf the image key is invalid.
304INVALID_SIGNATURE_KEYWhen the subscription key is invalid.
305INVALID_CLIENT_STATEIf the jurisdiction of the client/group does not allow to be a guarantor or to have a credit/deposit account.
306INVALID_CLIENT_ROLE_KEYWhen trying to save a customer, the function key is invalid.
307INCONSISTENT_CLIENT_ROLE_WITH_CLIENT_TYPEWhen trying to save a client role of type GROUP to a client.
308INVALID_DEPENDENT_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUEAttempt to save dependent custom field values ​​inconsistent with parent custom field value.
309INVALID DATE OF BIRTHWhen date of birth is required for internal controls, but the value was missing from the entry.
310DUPLICATE_CLIENTWhen a duplicate customer is found.
311INVALID_CLIENT_STATE_TYPEWhen a client is connected and the given status is invalid.
312INVALID_CLIENT_STATE_TRANSITIONWhen an attempt is made to change a customer's status, but the change cannot be made.
313CLIENT_IS_MEMBER_OF_A_GROUPWhen trying to deny or disapprove a customer who is part of a group.
314CLIENT_IS_GUARANTORWhen trying to change the status of a customer who is a sponsor and the action is not allowed.
315CLIENT_HAS_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to leave a customer whose accounts are not closed.
399UNKNOWN_CLIENT_ERRORAn error occurred while processing the client.

Loan/Deposit Accounts (400 - 599)

response codeDescription
400INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_IDThere is no escrow account with the specified ID.
401BALANCE_BELOW_ZEROThe API operation would result in a balance below zero.
402MISSING_SAVINGS_IDThe specified deposit account is invalid.
403BACKDATE_BEFORE_ACTIVATIONTransactions must not be backdated prior to the activation date of a deposit account.
404BACKDATE_BEFORE_OTHER_OPERATIONTasks must not be backdated before another existing date.
405BACKDATE_SET_IN_THE_FUTUREWhen the event is retroactive to the future.
406INVALID_DEPOSIT_AMOUNTIf the value of the amount is not between the minimum starting balance and the maximum starting balance.
407INVALID_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_STATEIf the deposit does not have a valid status for this operation (Active or Approved).
408LOCKED_SAVINGS_AMOUNTIf the deposit amount cannot be reduced below the amount blocked by withdrawal or transfer.
409SAVINGS_PRODUCT_MISMATCHIf the deposit account has different parameters than those defined in the deposit product.
410SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_INVALIDIf the account type is missing when creating a new deposit account.
411ID_SHOULD_NOT_BE_PROVIDEDThe ID must not be specified when creating a new deposit account.
412PRODUCT_DOESNT_ALLOW_WITHHOLDING_TAXESThe product does not support withholding taxes.
413INVALID_WITHHOLDING_TAX_SOURCE_TYPEThe key is a valid index record encoded key, but not a withholding tax source key.
414INVALID_INTEREST_CHARGE_FREQUENCYIf the incoming deposit account has a different interest charging frequency method than the product.
415INVALID_INTEREST_CHARGE_FREQUENCY_COUNTWhen the receiving deposit account has a different interest rate count than the product or the rate method does not support this field.
416INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_STATE_TRANSITIONIf the status of the deposit account does not allow the transition of the account status.
417MAXIMUM_WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDWhen the withdrawal amount is greater than the maximum withdrawal limit set at the deposit product or deposit account level.
418MAXIMUM_OVERDRAFT_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDWhen the overdraft amount exceeds the maximum overdraft threshold set in the deposit product.
419OVERDRAFT_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen filling in the overdraft field in a deposit account with the overdraft disabled.
420MISSING_INTEREST_RATE_FROM_SAVINGS_PRODUCTHowever, when creating a loan account with automatic creation of a clearing account, the deposit product does not have the default interest rate.
421POSITIVE_SECURED_AMOUNTWhen an amount needs to be recovered from investments in loan accounts.
422MINIMUM_OPENING_BALANCE_ACHIEVEDHowever, when trying to make a deposit into a fixed account, the minimum opening balance has already been reached.
423ACCOUNT_HAS_TRANSACTIONSWhen trying to delete an account that has already recorded transactions.
424INVALID_OVERDRAFT_INTEREST_CHARGE_FREQUENCYIf the incoming deposit account has a different overdraft interest frequency method than the product.
425INVALID_OVERDRAFT_INTEREST_CHARGE_FREQUENCY_COUNTIf the incoming deposit account has a different overdraft rate than the product or the overdraft rate method does not support this field.
427MISSING_TYPE_PARAMETERWhen the "type" parameter is missing from the request.
428INVALID_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_IDIf you provide an invalid deposit/savings card.
429PRODUCT_SPECIFIES_OVERDRAFT_ALLOWEDWhen a deposit account is created that does not allow an overdraft, but the corresponding deposit product allows an overdraft. To get the desired behavior in this case, the overdraft limit can be set to 0.
430PRODUCT_SPECIFIES_OVERDRAFT_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen an overdraft account is created but the applicable deposit product does not allow overdrafts.
431CURRENT_ACCOUNT_PRODUCT_DISABLEDWhen mambu checking account functionality is disabled.
432FIXED_DEPOSIT_PRODUCT_DISABLEDIf the Fixed Deposit Mambu functionality is disabled.
433COLLATERAL_FEATURE_DISABLEDWhen the Collateral Mambu feature is disabled.
434CREDIT_OFFICER_DISABLEDWhen the loan officer's mambu functionality is disabled.
435DATA_EXPORT_DISABLEDIf the data export mambu function is disabled.
436MAX_WITHDRAWAL_CANNOT_BE_NEGATIVEIf a given maxWithdrawalAmount is negative.
437MAX_WITHDRAWAL_CANNOT_BE_ZEROIf a given maxWithdrawalAmount is null.
438WITHHOLDING_TAXES_DISABLEDWhen Mambu withholding functionality is disabled.
439FUNDING_SOURCE_DISABLEDWhen the Mambu Funding Source feature is disabled.
440RESET_DATA_DISABLEDWhen Mambu's data reset feature is disabled.
441SOLIDARITY_GROUP_DISABLEDWhen Mambu functionality of the solidarity group is disabled.
442SAVINGS_PLAN_DISABLEDWhen the Savings Plan Mambu feature is disabled.
443SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_DISABLEDIf the Mambu Savings Account functionality is disabled.
444REVOLVING_CREDIT_DISABLEDIf the Mambu Revolving Credit feature is disabled.
445INDICATORS_DISABLEDWhen Mambu feature is disabled for bookmarks.
446FIXED_TERM_LOAN_DISABLEDWhen Mambu term loan functionality is disabled.
447FLAT_INTEREST_DISABLEDWhen the Mambu feature of the fixed fixed interest method is disabled.
448EFFECTIVE_INTEREST_RATE_DISABLEDWhen the effective interest rate mambu function is disabled.
449RISK_REPORTING_DISABLEDWhen Mambu's risk reporting feature is disabled.
450WITHDRAWAL_PAST_OVERDRAFT_CONSTRAINTSWhen you are trying to transfer money between accounts and the payment is not enough to complete the process.
451INTEREST_FREE_LOAN_DISABLEDWhen the interest-free Mambu loan functionality is disabled.
452MISSING_DEPOSIT_IDWhen calling GET for covered loan accounts, the error means that the deposit account ID was not provided.
499UNKNOWN_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_ERRORAn internal error occurred while accessing the current account.
500TRANSFER_CANT_BE_MADEIf it is not possible to transfer between a customer's deposit and a loan from the same customer or to another deposit account.
501CANNOT_MAKE_TRANSFER_TO_SOURCE_ACCOUNTWhen trying to make a transfer and the source and destination accounts are the same.
502INVALID_TARGET_ACCOUNTING_STATEWhen trying to make a transfer, but the billing status (enabled/disabled) is not the same for the source and destination accounts.
504TRANSFER_AMOUNT_IS_NOT_POSITIVEIf the amount to be transferred is negative.
505INVALID_PRODUCT_IDThe loan or deposit product ID cannot be found.
508TRANSFER_AS_POSTDATED_PAYMENTWhen the amount to be transferred is posted to the loan account as a future payment.
509UNDEFINED_EXCHANGE_RATE_FOR_CURRENCYWhen no exchange rate (buy or sell) was found for a currency and a transaction must use it.
510INVALID_PRODUCT_KEYIf the product key is invalid.
511CANNOT_MAKE_TRANSFER_TO_FUNDED_ACCOUNTS_WITH_ACCOUNTING_ENABLEDWhen trying to make a transfer to a loan account with investor funds and ledger enabled.
512LINKED_ACCOUNT_DELETION_ERRORWhen trying to delete an account that is currently linked to another account.
513ACCOUNT_HAS_REMAINING_BALANCEWhen trying to close an account with a non-zero balance.
514CANNOT_MAKE_TRANSFER_TO_LOCKED_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to make a transfer to a blocked account.
515CANNOT_DISBURSE_LOCKED_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to withdraw from a blocked credit account.
516DISBURSEMENT_DATE_AFTER_LAST_REPAYMENT_DUE_DATEWhen trying to pay off a loan bill after your last payment is due.
517INTEREST_RATE_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_INDEXED_RATESSubmitting an interest rate when the interest source is an index rate.
518INTEREST_SPREAD_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_FIXED_RATESSubmit an interest rate spread value while the interest source is a fixed interest rate.
519TRANCHES_EXPECTED_DISBURSMENT_DATES_NOT_ORDEREDIf the scheduled payment dates for the installments are not in ascending order.
520TRANCHES_NOT_ALLOWEDParcels are not eligible for this product type.
521TRANCHES_NOT_DEFINEDHowever, if tranches are used for this product, they are not specified. Also returned when a call tries to remove all installments from a loan, as at least one installment must be defined for that loan type.
522MORE_TRANCHES_THAN_ALLOWEDIf the number of installments provided exceeds the product limit.
523TOTAL_TRANCHES_AMOUNT_MORE_THAN_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the total amount of the installments does not correspond to the loan amount.
524TOTAL_AMOUNT_NOT_EQUAL_WITH_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the installment amount does not match the loan amount.
525TRANCHE_AMOUNT_SHOULD_BE_STRICT_POSITIVEFor tranches, values ​​must be strictly positive.
526INVALID_TRANCHE_KEYWhen the user entered a parcel with an invalid hardcoded key.
527CANNOT_MODIFY_DISBURSED_TRANCHEWhen trying to delete or edit an installment that has already been paid.
528DISBURSEMENT_DATE_BEFORE_NOT_REVERSED_TRANSACTIONIf the payment date is before a non-cancelled transaction.
529CANNOT_MODIFY_TRANCHES_ON_RESCHEDULED_REFINANCED_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to change installments on a loan account that has been rescheduled or refinanced.
530ALL_TRANCHES_ALREADY_PAIDWhen you are trying to pay a loan bill in installments and there are no more installments to pay.
531TRANCHES_CANNOT_BE_EDITEDIf parcels cannot be processed at this endpoint.
532INTEREST_RATE_SHOULD_BE_ZERO_OR_EMPTYIf the interest rate for an interest-free loan is present.
533INTEREST_SPREAD_SHOULD_BE_ZERO_OR_EMPTYIf the interest margin for an interest-free loan exists.
534INCONSISTENT_DATE_WITH_NEXT_TRANCHEIf the specified payment date does not match the expected payment date of the next installment.
535INTEREST_RATE_CANNOT_BE_EDITED_FOR_TIERED_INTEREST_RATESWhen trying to edit the interest rate and the account has tiered interest rates.
536INTEREST_SPREAD_CANNOT_BE_EDITED_FOR_TIERED_INTEREST_RATESWhen trying to edit the interest rate spread, the account has different interest rates.
537INVALID_INTEREST_RATE_TIERSWhen an account is launched with different interest scales than the product.
538INVALID_OVERDRAFT_INTEREST_RATE_TIERSWhen an account is launched with overdraft fees other than the product.
543INTEREST_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe selected interest type is not available for the product you are trying to create. Check the supported interest rate methods in the tablehere.
544MISSING_CONTRACTContract, contract account or contract account key not found.

Accounting (600 - 649)

response codeDescription
600INVALID_GL_ACCOUNT_IDWhen trying to access a general ledger account with an invalid ID.
601INVALID_GL_ACCOUNT_TYPEUnknown ledger account type. Must be one of the following: Asset, Liability, Equity, Income, Expense.
602JOURNAL_ENTRY_BEFORE_CLOSURETransactions must not be retroactive after the books are closed for the designated branch.
603DEBITS_DO_NOT_MATCH_CREDITSThe debit amount entered for a journal entry does not match the credit amount entered for it.
604INVALID_JOURNAL_ENTRY_DATEThe date to record the journal entry does not exist or is in the future.
605GL_ACCOUNT_IS_HEADERThe journal entry target ledger account has header usage.
606GL_ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_MANUALLY_ENTRIESThe journal entry target ledger account does not support manual entries.
607NO_INTER_BRANCH_GL_ACCOUNTThere is no cross sector financial accounting account defined. In this case, it is not allowed to change the branch for active accounts with accounting enabled.
608INVALID_JOURNAL_TRANSACTION_IDJournal entry Transaction ID is invalid: blank or longer than 32 characters.
609DUPLICATE_JOURNAL_TRANSACTION_IDThe journal entry transaction ID is already in use.
610INVALID_ACCOUNTING_DATE_ORDERIf the "From" date is later than the "To" date.
611INVALID_ACCOUNTING_DATE_RANGEWhen specified data exceeds an allowable range.
612JOURNAL_ENTRY_DATE_IN_THE_FUTUREThe date to record the journal entry is in the future.
613JOURNAL_ENTRY_DATE_IN_THE_PAST_BEFORE_THE_ALLOWED_LIMITThe journal entry record date is set earlier than the minimum (oldest) allowed.
614INVALID_BOOKING_DATEBooking date (entry date for JE) is invalid.
615RESERVA_DATE_BEFORE_VALUE_DATEThe posting date (posting date for JE) is later than the value date (posting date for the transaction).
627ACCOUNTING_REPORT_NOT_FOUNDThe accounting report you want to retrieve could not be found. Check the report ID and try again.

Currency (650 - 699)

response codeDescription
650INVALID_CURRENCY_CODEWhen the currency code does not follow ISO 4217 currency code standards.
651CURRENCY_NOT_MATCHINGHowever, when you try to link two accounts (Deposit with Loan, Collateral with Loan, etc.), the currencies are different.
652ACCOUNT_CURRENCY_NOT_MATCHWhen you try to add an account to a credit line, but it has a different currency than the credit line.
653MISSING_CURRENCYWhen you try to reserve a deposit account for a multicurrency product, but no currency is specified for the account.
654INVALID_EXCHANGE_RATE_VALUEBy posting a sell/bid price with a non-positive value.
655START_DATE_BEFORE_LAST_RATE_DATEBy POSTing a start date for a new exchange rate before the last date the exchange rate was edited.

Users (700 - 799)

response codeDescription
700INVALID USER NAMEThe username is invalid.
701INVALID USER IDThe specified ID does not belong to any user.
702INVALID_CREDIT_OFFICER_KEYWhen the loan officer key is invalid
703INCONSISTENT_CREDIT_OFFICER_WITH_BRANCHIf the specified loan officer is not associated with the specified branch.
704MISSING_CREDIT_OFFICER_KEYWhen loan officer key is required but not provided.
705MISSING_BRANCH_KEYWhen branch key is required but not provided.
706MISSING_CENTRE_KEYWhen the central switch is required but not provided.
707INVALID_USER_ROLE_KEYIf the provided user role key is invalid.
708USER IS LOCKEDWhen the user making the API request to create another user is blocked.
709INVALID PASSWORDIf the password is invalid (does not meet the security standard defined in the application).
710EMAIL_ADDRESS_ALREADY_REGISTERED_WITH_ANOTHER_USERIf the email is already being used by another user.
711EMAIL_ADDRESS_FORMAT_IS_INVALIDIf the email address is invalid.
712USERNAME ALREADY EXISTSThe username is already a Mambu.
713MAX_USER_LIMIT_REACHEDWhen the tenant reaches the user creation limit.
714CANNOT_MANAGE_USER_BRANCHWhen a non-admin user cannot manage the user's assigned branch.
715NOT_ENOUGH_PRIVILDGES_FOR_CHANGING_USER_SETTINGSWhen a non-admin tries to create another user, but doesn't have specific rights for that configuration (eg, can't manage all branches, etc.).
716ONLY_ONE_ROLE_ALLOWEDWhen a non-admin user has selected more than one role.
717INVALID_TRANSACTION_LIMIT_TYPEWhen creating a user with an unknown transaction limit type.
718NOT_ENOUGH_PRIVILEDGES_TO_CREATE_ADMIN_USERWhen a normal user tries to create an admin user. This is not allowed.
719CANNOT_HAVE_NEGATIVE_TRANSACTION_LIMITSWhen creating a user with transaction limits and the provided value, they are negative or zero.
720INVALID_VALUE_FOR_MANAGED_BRANCHESCreating a user with inconsistent value for owned managed branches can manage all branches.
721CANNOT_HAVE_ADMIN_WITHOUT_FULL_BRANCHES_ACCESSWhen creating an administrator user without being able to manage all defined branches.
722CANNOT_HAVE_OFFICER_ADMIN_WITHOUT_MANAGE_OTHER_ENTITIES_ACCESSWhen creating an official admin user with management of other official lending entities disabled.
723INCONSISTENT_CAN_MANAGE_BRANCHES_WITH_CAN_MANAGE_ENTITIESCreating a user but using the value for might inconsistently manage other branches and other entities.
724MISSING_EMAIL_ADDRESSIf email address is not provided
725MISSING_MOBILE_PHONEIf mobile number is not provided

Branches (800 - 849)

response codeDescription
800INVALID_BRANCH_IDThe branch identifier is invalid
801INVALID_BRANCH_KEYWhen branch key is invalid
802INVALID_MANAGED_BRANCH_IDWhen the managed store ID is invalid.
803BRANCH_IS_NOT_ACTIVEIf the specified branch is inactive, it cannot be used to create new entities

Centers (850 - 899)

response codeDescription
850INVALID_CENTRE_KEYIf the center key is invalid
851INVALID_CENTRE_IDIf the center identifier is invalid
852INCONSISTENT_CENTRE_WITH_BRANCHIf the specified plant is not associated with the specified branch
853CENTRE_IS_NOT_ACTIVEWhen plant is inactive (cannot assign customer/group in inactive plant)

Personalized information (900 - 949)

response codeDescription
901INCONSISTENT_VALUE_WITH_CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPEWhen the value provided for a custom field does not match the custom field's type (for example, string specified instead of number)
902REQUIRED_CUSTOM_FIELD_MISSINGIf required custom field is missing
903INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_IDWhen the id specified for a custom field is null or not defined for any entity
904MAX_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE_LENGTH_EXCEEDEDWhen the value specified for a custom field has a length that exceeds the maximum allowable limit
905INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_ENTITY_KEYWhen a custom field for a loan or deposit account is assigned to a product other than the one the account was created for
906VIEW_TYPE_NOT_MATCHING_RESOURCEWhen a request is made for a resource such as /loans, but the requested view type is CUSTOMER
907VIEW_NOT_ACCESSIBLE_FOR_USERWhen a custom view is requested but the current user doesn't have access to it
908CUSTOM_FIELD_DEACTIVATEDWhen trying to add a custom field value to a disabled custom field
909CUSTOM_FIELD_REQUIREDWhen trying to delete a custom field value for a required custom field
910CUSTOM_FIELD_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_ENTITYwhen a new custom field value was provided for a custom field that is not available for this customer type
911INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_LINKED_ENTITY_KEYWhen trying to save a linked custom field but the given linked entity key is invalid
912DEPENDENT_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE_REQUIREDWhen trying to store a value for a custom field that has dependencies, but the dependent custom field currently has no values ​​for that entity.
913INCONSISTENT_VALUE_WITH_SET_TYPEWhen posting a grouped custom field value, but the set is not grouped.
914GROUPED_INDEXES_NOT_CONSECUTIVEWhen a wrapped custom field value is posted and the indices within the posted custom field values ​​are not consecutive.
915TO_MANY_VALUES_FOR_SAME_GROUPED_CUSTOM_FIELDWhen posting grouped custom field values, there are many of the same custom fields within the same set.
916INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_GROUP_INDEXWhen posting grouped custom field values ​​without customFieldSetGroupIndex property or invalid numeric value for group index.
917INCONSISTENT_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE_WITH_PATTERNWhen posting a custom free text field with a value that does not match the expected pattern.
918DUPLICATE_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUESWhen posting duplicate values ​​for the same custom field.
919CUSTOM_FIELD_SET_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWEDIt is not possible to change the field set of a custom field.
920CUSTOM_FIELD_SET_NULLWhen trying to save a custom field but it is set to null.
921CUSTOM_FIELD_USAGE_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWEDAttempting to change how a custom field is used is not allowed.
922DATATYPE_OR_TYPE_CHANGEDChanging the type or data type of a custom field is not allowed.
923CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME_NOT_UNIQUEWhen trying to save a custom field but the name already exists.
924ENCODED_KEY_MUST_BE_EMPTY_ON_CREATEWhen the encoded key is provided to compile operations.
925CUSTOM_FIELDS_NEED_CHANNEL_PROVIDEDTrying to post a custom field transaction but not specifying the channel
926DUPLICATE_UNIQUE_VALUEWhen the user provided a value for a unique custom field that already exists
927REFERRED_IN_CUSTOM_FIELDWhether the entity should be deleted but is referenced as a value in a custom field
928TRANSACTION_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTING_CUSTOM_FIELDSWhen trying to get a custom field for a transaction whose type doesn't support custom fields
929INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_KEYIf the user provides a custom field key that does not match the db value
930BUILT_IN_CUSTOM_FIELD_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen trying to change the values ​​of the API's built-in customFields

Identification documents (950 - 1000)

response codeDescription
950INVALID_ID_DOCUMENTIf the registration of an identification document is not valid (eg missing ID or type)
951REQUIRED_ID_DOCUMENT_MISSINGIf a mandatory identification document is missing
952ADDING_OTHER_ID_DOCUMENTS_IS_DISABLEDHowever, when posting another ID, this is disabled by the admin
953INVALID_ID_DOCUMENT_TEMPLATE_KEYIf the model ID key is missing or invalid
970INVALID_DOCUMENT_IDWhen the ID specified for a document is null or not defined for any account
971INVALID FILE EXTENSIONWhen uploading a document when the file extension is not present or the document has more than one extension
972FILE_EXTENSION_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen uploading a document, if the file extension is not present in the white list of extensions
973INCONSISTENT_EXTENSION_WITH_FILE_CONTENTIf the file extension does not match the file metadata. Example: The file is jpg, but the file name extension is pdf
974MALWARE_CONTENT_DETECTEDIf our antivirus detects that the file contains malware.
Observe:Obfuscated PDF files will be rejected because we cannot scan them for malware.
975INVALID FILE NAMEIf the file name is invalid (for example, if it contains invalid characters like &)
976NO_PROFILE_PICTURE_SETIf the profile picture is not defined in the customer's account
977NO_PROFILE_SIGNATURE_SETIf the profile signature is not defined for the customer account.
978HAS_DOCUMENT_ATTACHEDWhen trying to delete an entity that has a document attached.
979UNSUPPORTED_IMAGE_TYPEIf the profile picture format is not supported.
980INVALID_TASK_IDWhen the ID specified for a task is null or undefined
981INVALID_TASK_STATE_AND_COMPLETION_DATEIf the task is in COMPLETE status with no due date or OPEN status with due date
982INVALID_TASK_FIELD_CHANGEWhen API user tries to change task ID
983INVALID_TASK_STATUSIf the user-specified task status is not valid (DUE, DONE, PENDING)
984INVALID_TASK_TITLE_LENGTHIf the task title exceeds the maximum length.
985HAS_TASK_ATTACHEDWhen trying to delete an entity that has a task attached
986EDITING_VIEW_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWEDAttempting to edit the view type is an illegal change
987INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_SET_IDInvalid custom field set ID or key
988TRANSACTION_LINKED_TO_A_REPAYMENTWhen trying to reverse a maturity fee charged on the maturity dates and associated with a refund operation.

Activities (1000 - 1049)

response codeDescription
1000THE DATE OFWhen retrieving activities, the start date is missing.
1001MISSING_TO_DATEWhen retrieving activities, the start date is missing.
1002MAXIMUM_ONE_FILTER_ALLOWEDWhen retrieving activities and more than one specified filter (for example, ClientID and BranchID combined).

The box (1100 - 1149)

response codeDescription
1100TILL_BALANCE_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSWhen the cashier balance exceeds the minimum/maximum limits defined when opening a new cashier
1101TRANSACTION_IS_NOT_WITHIN_CHANNEL_CONSTRAINTSWhen the value, type or product etc. associated with the transaction is not within the limits defined at the channel level of the transaction

The address (1150 - 1199)

response codeDescription
1150INVALID ADDRESSIf the address does not contain correct data (for example, line 1 is too long)
1151CLIENT_ROLE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_ADDRESSDefault address fields are disabled for the customer type. The default address can be activated byManagement > General > Customer Types
1152ADDRESS_CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWEDFor clients/groups, if at some point the client role allowed an address, but the new client role does not. Cannot be changed if client role does not allow addresses/

Data import (1200 - 1249)

response codeDescription
1200DATA_IMPORT_IN_PROGRESSWhen an illegal operation is performed while data import is in progress
1201DATABASE_BACKUP_IN_PROGRESSHowever, when a database backup is triggered, one is already in progress.
1202DATABASE_BACKUP_NOT_FOUNDHowever, when downloading a backup, there is no backup file.
1203CLIENT_IN_MIGRATIONWhen trying to delete a client whose migration process is pending.
1204INVALID_NUMBER_OF_SHEETSWhen the number of sheets of an imported document is incorrect.
1205UNDEFINED_SHEETWhether the imported document contains an undefined worksheet or requires a worksheet.
1206WRONG_SHEET_POSITIONWhen the order of sheets in the imported document is incorrect.
1207INVALID_NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS_FOR_SHEETWhen the number of columns is incorrect for a sheet part of the imported document.
1208UNDEFINED_COLUMNWhen the imported document contains or requires an undefined column in one of your worksheets.
1209WRONG_COLUMN_POSITIONIf mapping constraints are not met (default value if nothing specific can be extracted).

Order (1250-1299)

response codeDescription
1250INVALID_ASSIGNMENTWhen trying to delete a client whose migration process is pending.

Index and tax rate (1300 - 1349)

response codeDescription
1300INVALID_INDEX_RATE_SOURCE_IDThe specified key is not a valid encoded index key
1301START_DATE_BEFORE_LAST_INDEX_REVIEWD_DATEThe start date is earlier than the last index check date
1302INVALID_START_DATEStart date is not unique within the same source
1303NO_INDEX_RATE_AVAILABLEIf no indexed rate is available on the specified date.
1304NO_TAX_RATE_AVAILABLEIf no tax rate is available on the specified date.

Group key (1350 - 1399)

response codeDescription
1350INCONSISTENT_GROUP_MEMBER_PARENT_KEYGroup member's parent key is not the same as the group's encrypted key
1351INCONSISTENT_GROUP_MEMBER_ENCODED_KEYGroup member encrypted key is not included in stored group members
1352INCONSISTENT_GROUP_ROLE_PARENT_KEYThe parent key of the group role is not the same as the hard-coded group key
1353INCONSISTENT_GROUP_ROLE_ENCODED_KEYCoded group function key is not included in saved group functions

Credit lines (1400 - 1449)

response codeDescription
1400PRODUCT_LINE_OF_CREDIT_AFFILIATION_CONSTRAINT_MISMATCHIf the product requires a line of credit and the account is not part of a line of credit OR the product does not allow a line of credit but the account has a line of credit.
1401DISBURSEMENT_DATE_BEFORE_LINE_OF_CREDIT_START_DATEIf the loan disbursement date (or expected disbursement date) is earlier than the start date of the credit facility.
1402MATURITY_DATE_AFTER_LINE_OF_CREDIT_END_DATEIf the last loan payment date is later than the credit line's due date.
1403LINE_OF_CREDIT_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDIf the maximum loan amount is exceeded when the account joins the line of credit
1404LINE_OF_CREDIT_REQUIRED_EXCEPTIONThe product requires the account to be part of a credit agreement
1405OVERDRAFT_EXPIRY_DATE_AFTER_LINE_OF_CREDIT_END_DATEThe due date of the overdraft cannot be later than the end date of the credit line
1406CANNOT_CREATE_ACCOUNT_WITH_LINE_OF_CREDITWhen a loan/deposit account is created with a credit line key specified in the json file.
1407LINE_OF_CREDIT_REQUIRES_OVERDRAFT_MAX_LIMITThe overdraft limit is necessary because the account is part of the credit line and is in a state of consumption
1408LINE_OF_CREDIT_REQUIRES_OVERDRAFT_EXPIRY_DATEThe overdraft due date is required because the account is part of a line of credit and is in a consumption state
1409INVALID_LINE_OF_CREDIT_IDThe ID or encrypted key used to retrieve a line of credit is invalid.
1410ACCOUNT_ALREADY_ON_LINE_OF_CREDITWhen trying to add an account to a line of credit, but the account already has a line of credit defined.
1411INCONSISTENT_LINE_OF_CREDIT_CLIENT_WITH_ACCOUNT_OWNERWhen the credit line key does not match the account holder's key.
1412ACCOUNT_IS_NOT_PART_OF_LINE_OF_CREDITHowever, when trying to delete an account, it is not part of the credit limit mentioned in the URL.
1413INVALID_LINE_OF_CREDIT_STATEWhen trying to add accounts to a credit line, but the line status is invalid.
1414HAS_LINE_OF_CREDITWhen trying to remove items with credit limits.
1415LINE_OF_CREDIT_ID_ALREDY_IN_USEWhen trying to deposit a line of credit with an ID already in use.
1416EXPIRE_DATE_BEFORE_START_DATEWhen trying to save a line of credit with a due date earlier than the start date.
1417INVALID_CLIENT_ROLE_PERMISSION_FOR_OPENING_LINES_OF_CREDITAttempt to save a line of credit, but the type of customer does not allow opening a line of credit.
1418MISSING_LINE_OF_CREDIT_START_DATEWhen trying to deposit a line of credit with a missing start date.
1419MISSING_LINE_OF_CREDIT_EXPIRE_DATEWhen trying to deposit a line of credit with a missing due date.
1420MISSING_LINE_OF_CREDIT_AMOUNTWhen trying to deposit a credit line with a missing amount.
1421LINE_OF_CREDIT_AMOUNT_NOT_STRICTLY_POSITIVEWhen trying to save a line of credit with a value that is not strictly positive.

Account holder (1450 - 1499)

response codeDescription
1490MISSING_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_KEYWhen trying to save an entity and the account holder key is not defined.
1491MISSING_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_TYPEWhen trying to save an entity and the account holder type is not defined.
1492ACCOUNT_HOLDER_NOT_FOUNDWhen trying to save an entity and the account holder is not found in the system.
1499INVALID_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_STATEThe account holder is in an invalid state for the specified operation.

Organization (1500 - 1599)

response codeDescription
1500NO_ORGANIZATION_ICONWhen trying to get the organization brand icon, there is no image defined for this case.
1501NO_ORGANIZATION_LOGOWhen trying to get the organization brand logo and no image is set for this case.

POST comment (1600 - 1699)

response codeDescription
1600MISSING_TEXTThe required text for the object is missing.
1601MAX_TEXT_LENGTH_EXCEEDEDThe maximum allowed length of text in the parameter has been reached.

Revolving Credit (1900 - 1999)

response codeDescription
1901NUM_INSTALLMENTS_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_REVOLVING_CREDITWhen RepaymentRates is specified, but not available for revolving credit.
1902PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_INCONSISTENT_WITH_PRODUCTIf the main account payment settings do not match the product.
1903SCHEDULE_PREVIEW_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_REVOLVING_CREDITIf the revolving credit account has no schedule.
1904AMOUNT_MORE_THAN_CURRENT_AVAILABLE_AMOUNTIf the withdrawal amount is greater than the approved loan amount.
1905INCONSISTENT_WITH_CENTRE_MEETING_DAYWhen the custom schedule due dates do not coincide with the day of the center meeting.
1906FIELD_IS_NOT_EDITABLEIf custom schedule fields cannot be customized.
1907RESCHEDULED_REPAYMENT_BEFORE_DISBURSEMENT_DATEIf the first payment date is delayed before the payment date due to a non-working day.

2000 - 2049

response codeDescription
2001FIELD_NOT_ALLOWEDCustomer provided an invalid field
2002OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_FIELDCustomer has implemented a restricted patch operation for this field
2018INVALID_FUND_ENCODED_KEYWhen trying to launch a loan account with a fund that contains an invalid sponsor key.
2019INVESTOREN_TOTAL_AMOUNT_MORE_THAN_LOAN_AMOUNTIf the total principal amount is greater than the loan account amount.
2020INVALID_FUND_IDWhen the ID or key used for an investor fund share is invalid
2021INACTIVE_FUND_IDWhen an action is performed with an inactive fund

Sell ​​Investments from Funding Sources (2050 - 2099)

response codeDescription
2050INVALID_FUNDED_ACCOUNT_STATEThe sale process is carried out on an account with funds in an invalid state (for example, the loan is pending or closed).
2051FUND_SELL_WITH_NO_PUCHASESWhen a sale is made with no purchases
2052FUND_OVERSELLThe sale was attempted for an amount greater than the fractional loan sold
2053INVALID_SELLER_FUND_AMOUNTSeller credit value is not positive
2054INVALID_SELLER_FUND_STATESeller fund status is not active
2055INVALID_SELLER_FUNDING_ACCOUNTSeller finance account is invalid
2056INVALID_INVESTMENT_PERCENTAGES_FOR_AMOUNTSPercentages determined by values ​​are not valid.
2057FUND_SELF_SELLThe deposit account of the buyer of the fund must not be the same as the deposit account of the holder of the fund for sale
2061INVALID_BUYER_FUNDING_ACCOUNTBuyer Funding Account Key does not match a proper Buyer Funding Deposit Account
2062DUPLICATE_BUYER_FUNDING_ACCOUNTBuyer finance account key appears more than once in the buyer list
2063INVALID_BUYER_FUND_AMOUNTThe value purchased by the buyer is invalid (negative, null, nan)
2064INVALID_FUND_PURCHASE_PRICEThe purchase price does not match the quantity purchased by the buyer
2065INSUFFICIENT_BUYER_FUNDING_ACCOUNT_FUNDSThe buyer's financial account key does not have sufficient funds for a purchase action
2099INVALID_FILTER_VALUESValues ​​are not valid for the specified data field type


response codeDescription
2100INVALID_FILTER_SELECTIONWhen the filter selection value in Instant Lookup is not a valid data field or custom field key.
2101INVALID_FILTER_ELEMENTIf the filter element value is not valid or supported and not applicable for the data field type.
2102INVALID_FILTER_VALUEIf invalid value for data field type.
2103INVALID_FILTER_SECOND_VALUEIf second value is invalid - Second value not provided when using BETWEEN filter element or provided but not for a Between filter.
2104TOO_MANY_FILTERS_PROVIDEDIf more filters are deployed than the maximum number supported.
2105INVALID_FILTER_DATA_ITEM_TYPEIf the value of the dataItemType property is not recognized (not a valid value).
2106INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_ACCOUNT_BALANCEIf the deposit balance is insufficient to use as a balance.
2107INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_TOTAL_AMOUNTIf the total amount of funds is not enough.
2108FONDS_NOT_ALLOWEDHowever, when you try to reserve a cash lending account, the product does not accept investors.
2109FUNDING_AMOUNT_MUST_BE_STRICTLY_POSITIVEWhen trying to post a loan account with a fund that contains a negative or zero amount.
2110FUNDER_INTEREST_COMMISSION_CONSTRAINTS_VALIDATIONAttempting to post an off-limits interest rate funding source
2111MISSING_FUNDER_INTEREST_COMMISSIONWhen trying to book a commission-free funding source for a product type with a fixed commission rate
2112LOAN_ACCOUNT_NOT_FUNDED_BY_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTHowever, if the lending account is to be funded from an investor's deposit account, it is not.
2113INVALID_INTEREST_RATE_AGAINST_INTEREST_COMMISSIONWhen you try to register a loan account with credit and the account's interest rate is less than the fund's interest fee.
2114INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_TYPE_FOR_FUNDINGWhen trying to register a loan account with funds and the deposit account used for funding is not an investor account.
2115DUPLICADO_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_FOR_FUNDINGWhen trying to launch a loan account with investor and investor fund, they have the same deposit key.
2116INVALID_FIXED_DAYS_OF_MONTHWhen trying to post a loan account with invalid fixed days of the month, e.g. B. duplicate days or a number of days greater than 31.
2117INVALID_SORTING_COLUMNWhen you try to publish a poll using Instant Poll and the specified sort column is null, empty, or invalid.
2118COLUMN_NOT_SORTABLEWhen you try to publish a search using instant search and the column cannot be sorted (DataField.FilteringCapabilities = FilteringCapabilities.UNFILTERABLE).
2119INVALID_SORTING_ORDERWhen you try to publish a search using instant search and the specified sort order is null, empty, or invalid (not in the SortingOrder enumeration).
2120ACCOUNT_TYPE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_FIELDWhen trying to change a field for an account that doesn't allow that field.
2121INVALID_GUARANTY_ENCODED_KEYAn invalid sponsorship key is encountered when trying to edit the sponsorship of a loan account.
2122INVALID_GUARANTY_TYPEAttempt to edit guarantee type (guarantor/asset/investor) with invalid value.
2123INVALID_GUARANTOR_TYPEAttempt to edit sponsor type (client/group) with invalid value.
2124GUARANTY_KEY_TYPE_MISMATCHIf the warranty key is not of the specified type.
2125LOAN_ACCOUNT_NOT_FUNDED_BY_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNTWhen you call GET for funded loan accounts, the error means that the loan account you are trying to get is not funded by a deposit account


response codeDescription
2200INVALID_TEMPLATE_IDIf the provided model ID is invalid.
2201INVALID_TEMPLATE_TYPEWhen the model type provided to be processed through the API does not match the context.
2202MISSING_FIXED_DAYS_OF_MONTHIf the fixed days of the month are missing.
2203FIXED_DAYS_OF_MONTH_NOT_ALLOWEDIf a fixed day of the month is specified, but the product does not allow it.
2204REPAYMENT_FREQUENCY_NOT_ALLOWEDIf the return frequency is specified, but the product does not allow it.
2205REPAYMENT_PERIOD_COUNT_NOT_ALLOWEDIf the number of refund periods is specified, but the product does not allow it.
2206APPLIED_INTEREST_BALANCE_CANNOT_BE_REALLOCATEDWhen the user tries to update the interest balance between amortizations, between an amortization with interest applied and another without interest.
2207INVALID_NEW_TOTAL_LOAN_AMOUNTWhen you are trying to refinance a loan account without a cancellation transaction and the new account loan amount does not match the original account principal balance.
2208NEGATIVE_WRITE_OFF_AMOUNTAttempting to restructure or refinance a loan account requires a cancel transaction but gives a negative amount.
2209CAPITALIZED_AMOUNTS_NOT_ALLOWED_DUE_TO_DIFFERENT_ACCOUNTINGWhen trying to refinance or refinance a loan account with capitalized amounts for a new product that has a different accounting policy than the current one.
2210TOP_UP_AMOUNT_IS_MANDATORYWhen trying to refinance a loan account but not providing the recharge amount.
2211RESTRUCTURE_DETAILS_ARE_MANDATORYNo details are provided when trying to refinance and restructure a loan account.
2212NEGATIVE_TOP_UP_AMOUNTIf you are trying to refinance a credit account and the recharge amount provided is negative.
2214CANNOT_REFINANCE_REVOLVING_CREDIT_LOANWhen trying to refinance a revolving loan
2215POSITIVE_CAPITALIZED_AMOUNTS_FOR_LOAN_FUNDED_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen rescheduling a loan with funds from investors, positive capitalization values ​​are also set.
2216WRITE_OFF_AMOUNT_FOR_LOAN_FUNDED_DIFFERENT_BY_BALANCE_AMOUNTWhen you try to restructure a loan account with investor funds and the outstanding balance amount is written off, which differs from the current balance amount (interest/fees/penalty).
2217CURRENCY_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_PRODUCTWhen trying to create a deposit account with a currency that is not available for the desired product type.
2218CURRENCY_NOT_EDITABLEHowever, when trying to edit the currency of a deposit account, it is linked to a loan account.
2219TELLER_CANNOT_POST_TRANSACTION_IN_MULTI_CURRENCYWhen trying to post a transaction in a currency other than the base currency as cash.
2220NOT_ENOUGH_PRINCIPAL_TO_CONTINUE_FEE_AMORTIZATIONWhen trying to refinance a loan account and the transferred principal amount is less than or equal to the remaining charge to be amortized.

Main payment settings (2300 - 2399)

response codeDescription
2300SETTINGS_ONLY_AVAILABLE_FOR_REVOLVING_CREDIT_ACCOUNTSWhen the credit account is not a revolving credit but has primary payment settings
2301INCONSISTENT_FLAT_AMOUNT_WITH_PRODUCT_CONSTRAINTSWhen loan product setup limits do not match account principal payment amount
2302INCONSISTENT_PERCENTANGE_WITH_PRODUCT_CONSTRAINTSWhen the loan product setup limits do not match the account's outstanding principal payment percentage
2303AMOUNT_REQUIRED_FOR_FLAT_PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_METHODWhen the account principal payment amount is nil but required
2304PERCENTAGE_REQUIRED_FOR_PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_PERCENTAGE_METHODWhen the account principal payout percentage is zero but required
2305AMOUNT_ONLY_AVAILABLE_FOR_FLAT_PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_METHODWhen the fixed account principal payment amount is set but not available
2306PERCENTAGE_ONLY_AVAILABLE_FOR_OUTSTANDING_PRINCIPAL_PERCENTAGE_METHODWhen the account primary payout percentage is set but not available
2307INVALID_PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_FLAT_AMOUNT_WITH_DECIMALSIf the account's fixed principal payment amount is not valid against the decimal settings
2308INVALID_PRINCIPAL_PAYMENT_PERCENTAGE_VALUEWhen the account payout percentage is not a valid percentage
2309CANT_EDIT_LOCKED_OPERATIONS_IN_LOCKED_CAPPING_STATEWhen blocked operations are being processed and the account is in blocked threshold status
2310CANT_UNLOCK_WHEN_INCOME_BALANCE_IS_OVER_PRINCIPAL_CAPPING_CONSTRAINTSError code if the revenue balance (interest + fees + fines) is above the main limit restrictions defined for the product, unlocking is not allowed
2311CANNOT_BULK_REVERSE_INTERNAL_TRANSFER_REPAYMENTWhen trying to cancel an internal transfer refund as part of a bulk cancellation.
2312CANNOT_BULK_REAPPLY_TRANSACTION_BECAUSE_LOCKED_TRANSACTIONS_LOGGED_AFTER_ITAs part of a bulk void, a transaction is reapplied after an interest, fee, or penalty transaction.
2313CANNOT_BULK_REAPPLY_POSTDATED_REPAYMENTSIf a post-dated refund is reapplied as part of a bulk cancellation.
2314CANNOT_BULK_REVERSE_ACTIVATION_TRANSACTIONThe transaction cannot be retroactive before disbursement from a loan account.
2315CLOSURE_DATE_AFTER_MAX_ALLOWED_UNDO_CLOSURE_PERIODIf the undo close date is later than the account close date + maximum undo close days allowed.
2316CLOSURE_DATE_BEFORE_GL_ACCOUNT_CLOSUREIf a ledger account closure is recorded after the loan account closure date.
2317MISSING_ORGANIZATION_INTEREST_COMMISSIONWhen there is a product that does not have a default value defined for the organization interest commission and this value is not specified in the API call.
2318INSUFFICIENT_TRANSACTION_AMOUNTIf there are not enough funds in the account to reverse the transaction
2319CANNOT_REVERSE_INTEREST_ON_DISBURSEMENTWhen transactions need to be adjusted to an account where interest is applied on withdrawal, which is not allowed
2320TRANSACTION_TYPE_IS_IRREVERSIBLEThe transaction we want to customize is of a type that does not allow customizations
2321INTEREST_APPLIED_WITH_NULL_AMOUNTThe transaction is an interest rate and has zero value
2322CANNOT_REVERSE_OFFSET_DEPOSIT_TRANSACTIONWhen trying to roll back a transaction to a linked clearing warehouse.
2323CANNOT_LOCK_CAPPING_ACCOUNT_INVALID_ACCOUNT_IDThe account cannot be blocked (limited) because the account ID is invalid.
2324CANNOT_LOCK_CAPPING_ACCOUNT_INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATE_FOR_LOCKThe account cannot be blocked (limited) because the account status is not valid for blocking.
2325INCOME_BALANCE_CONSTRAINTS_EXCEEDEDRevenue accounting restrictions would be exceeded if revenue transactions were applied.
2326CANNOT_BULK_REVERSE_LOAN_FRACTION_SOLDLoan installments sold cannot be reversed directly in bulk.
2327LATE_FEE_TRANSACTIONS_LOGGED_AFTER_REPAYMENT_TO_REAPPLY_ON_FIXED_ACCOUNTIf, after a repayment transaction, late fee transactions are recorded to be reapplied to a fixed loan account
2328FEE_CANNOT_BE_POSTED_ON_RECOMPUTED_SCHEDULEWhen a late fee cannot be reapplied after a recalculated schedule
2329INVALID_ORGANIZATION_INTEREST_COMMISSIONIf the organization interest commission does not represent a valid numerical value or does not comply with product security settings
2330ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LOCKEDWhen trying to ban an already banned account
2331CANNOT_BULK_ADJUST_ACTIVATION_TRANSACTIONThe activation transaction for a loan account cannot be bulk customized


response codeDescription
2401INTEREST_RATE_CHANGED_TRANSACTION_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_LOAN_PRODUCT_TYPETransaction LoanTransactionType.INTEREST_RATE_CHANGED can only be used for revolving credit products
2402INSTALLMENT_WITH_INTEREST_APPLIED_CANNOT_BE_EDITEDWhether the interest was applied to the custom schedule and an attempt was made to edit it.
2403UNABLE_TO_DETERMINE_DELETED_REPAYMENTSIf we cannot correctly identify the released refunds.
2404PAID_OR_PURE_GRACE_INSTALLMENT_CANNOT_BE_DELETEDWhether a pure goodwill fee or a paid fee has been excluded.
2405NON_CUSTOM_MADE_INTALLMENT_CANNOT_BE_DELETED_FOR_REVOLVING_CREDIT_ACCOUNTWhen an unadapted fee is deleted on a revolving credit account.
2406INVALID_NUMBER_OF_INSTALLMENTSIf the number of installments is not within the limits of the product.
2407INVALID_PRINCIPAL_AMOUNT_WITH_DECIMALSWhen a principal value is not valid in relation to decimal settings.
2408INCONSISTENT_WITH_LINE_OF_CREDIT_VALID_UNTIL_DATEIf the due (repayment) date is later than the valid credit line date.
2409DUE_DATES_NOT_UNIQUEIf there are several installments with the same maturity (edit the amortization schedule).
2410NON_ZERO_PRINCIPAL_REPAYMENT_CANNOT_BE_DELETEDWhen a cancellation attempt is made for a refund whose principal amount is not equal to zero.
2411NON_DYNAMIC_ACCOUNT_REPAYMENT_DELETION_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen a refund is released to a non-dynamic account (not allowed).
2412INVALID_LOAN_ACCOUNT_STATE_FOR_FUNDS_EDITIf the status of the loan account is invalid for the case where the investor's funds are processed.
2413ENTRY_DATE_AFTER_MATURITY_DATE_WITH_LATE_FEES_AND_BULK_REVERSALIf interest accrues past the account due date and there are late fees, this will also trigger a bulk cancellation and reapply of transactions.
2414DIFFERENT_ACCOUNTING_STATE_BETWEEN_INVOLVED_PRODUCTSIf the warehouse product has different posting statuses.
2415ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKEDIf the account is already linked to the provided custody account.
2416PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_LINKINGIf the product does not allow linking of billing accounts.
2417UNLINKABLE_SAVINGS_PRODUCTIf the deposit product is not accepted for linking by the credit product.
2418INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_HOLDERIf you only want linking between accounts of the same account holder.
2419LINK_BETWEEN_ACCOUNTS_DOES_NOT_EXISTIf there is no connection between the loan account and checking account.
2420NON_NATIVE_GRACE_INSTALLMENT_CANNOT_BE_EDITEDWhen a non-native grace rate was edited.
2421NON_NATIVE_GRACE_INSTALLMENT_CANNOT_BE_DELETEDWhen a non-native grace rate has been deleted.
2422INSUFFICIENT_ACCOUNT_BALANCEIf the account balance is not sufficient for the respective operation.
2423INVALID_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_TYPEIf the deposit account type is invalid for the specified operation.
2424MATURITY_PERIOD_ALREADY_STARTEDIf the expiry period has already started on the account.
2425LOAN_PRODUCT_PRINCIPAL_PAID_INSTALLMENT_STATUS_MISMATCHThe status of the principal installment paid on the loan account does not match that of the loan proceeds.
2426CANNOT_DELETE_LINK_FOR_ACTIVATED_OFFSET_LOANA link cannot be deleted for an activated counter-loan account.
2427INVALID_LANGUAGEIf the provided language is invalid (null or whatever, the error source will provide the detailed reason).
2428INVALID_LINKED_SETTLEMENT_ACCOUNT_KEYSWhen the list of linked settlement account keys provided in a deposit account is invalid
2429SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKEDIf the clearing account is already linked to loan accounts from different agencies
2430INSTALLMENT_WITH_PENALTY_APPLIED_CANNOT_BE_EDITEDWhen the custom schedule has a penalty applied and an attempt is made to edit it
2431INSTALLMENT_DUE_DATE_MOVED_BEFORE_LAST_PENALTY_APPLIED_DATEIf the custom due date was moved before the penalty was applied
2432MATURITY_PERIOD_NOT_STARTEDIf the expiry period has not yet started on the account
2440RESEND_FAILED_NOTIFICATION_FAILEDWhen trying to resend a notification failed and it fails (due to various reasons: invalid encrypted key of notification message or other various reasons, incorrect notification configuration).
2441TRY_TO_RESEND_NON_FAILED_NOTIFICATIONWhen trying to resend a notification without failure.
2442DUPLICED_NOTIFICATION_ENCODED_KEYAttempting to resend a list of encrypted keys from the notification message results in one or more keys being duplicated.
2443MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_NOTIFICATIONS_TO_RESEND_EXCEEDEDWhen the maximum number of failed notifications to resend exceeds the defined property of Mambu.
2444DUE_DATES_NOT_IN_ASCENDING_ORDERIf the generated schedule does not contain due dates in ascending order. This can happen due to initial refund settings such as compensation options and refund deferral.
2445ACCOUNT_PRODUCT_BRANCH_AVAILABILITY_MISMATCHThe store key assigned to the account and the store(s) where the product is available do not match.
2446CLIENT_HAS_ACTIVE_ACCOUNTS_WITH_PRODUCT_BRANCH_AVAILABILITY_MISMATCHIn case a change is made to the assigned store of a customer (or group) and that customer (group) has active accounts unavailable for the reassigned store
2447PRODUCT_HAS_ASSOCIATED_ACCOUNTSAccounts are associated with the product
2448MAX_NUMBER_OF_FILTERS_REACHEDWhen the number of filters exceeds the maximum allowed
2449MAX_NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS_REACHEDWhen the number of columns exceeds the maximum allowed
2450USAGE_RIGHTS_ROLE_NOT_AVAILABLEWhen trying to save custom view with a usage right not available for it
2452CURRENCY_NOT_DEFINEDIf no currency is defined for the deposit product
2453BASE_CURRENCY_CANNOT_BE_REMOVEDIf the deposit product is linked to a credit product, the base currency cannot be removed from it
2454CURRENCY_IN_USE_CANNOT_BE_REMOVEDIf the coin is used by another deposit product, it cannot be removed
2455CURRENCY_DOES_NOT_EXISTIf the specified currency code is not found (via API)

Credit agreement (return codes used in API V2.0) (2456 - 2499)

response codeDescription
2456INVALID_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_IDWhen the ID or key used to GET a credit agreement is invalid
2457INVALID_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_STATEWhen trying to create a loan agreement, the state fails to comply with internal controls
2458CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_ID_ALREADY_IN_USEWhen trying to save a loan agreement with an ID already obtained
2459INVALID_CLIENT_ROLE_PERMISSION_FOR_OPENING_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENTSWhen trying to save a credit agreement but the customer type does not allow opening a credit agreement
2460CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_AMOUNT_NOT_STRICTLY_POSITIVEWhen trying to save a loan agreement with an amount that is not strictly positive
2461PRODUCT_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_AFFILIATION_CONSTRAINT_MISMATCHWhen the product requires a credit agreement and the account is not part of a credit agreement, or the account does not allow a credit agreement but the account has an established credit agreement
2462ACCOUNT_ALREADY_ON_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENTWhen trying to add an account to a loan agreement, but the account already has a loan agreement defined
2463INCONSISTENT_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_CLIENT_WITH_ACCOUNT_OWNERWhen the loan agreement key does not match the account holder's key
2464CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_REQUIRES_OVERDRAFT_EXPIRE_DATEwhen the due date of the overdraft is required because the account is part of a credit agreement and is in a state of consumption
2465CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_REQUIRES_OVERDRAFT_MAX_LIMITWhen an overdraft limit is required because the account is part of a loan agreement and is in a consumption state
2466CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDIf the maximum amount of the credit limit is exceeded if the account adheres to the credit limit
2467MATURITY_DATE_AFTER_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_END_DATEIf the last loan payment date is later than the maturity date of the loan agreement
2468OVERDRAFT_EXPIRY_DATE_AFTER_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_END_DATEIf the overdraft due date is later than the loan agreement due date
2469DISBURSEMENT_DATE_BEFORE_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_START_DATEIf the Loan Disbursement Date (or Scheduled Disbursement Date) is earlier than the Loan Agreement Commencement Date
2470CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_REQUIRED_EXCEPTIONWhen the product requires a credit agreement, but the account is not part of a credit agreement
2471ACCOUNT_IS_NOT_PART_OF_CREDIT_ARRANGEMENTHowever, when trying to delete an account, it is not part of the credit agreement mentioned in the URL
2472CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_MODIFICATIONWhen trying to change some parameters of the loan agreement, but the status of the loan agreement does not allow the change
2473CREDIT_ARRANGEMENT_HAS_NON_CLOSED_ACCOUNTSWhen trying to complete a loan agreement with accounts that are not closed
2474BASE_CURRENCY_NOT_UNIQUEHowever, when adding a default currency, a default currency already exists in the system.
2475CURRENCY_SYMBOL_LENGTH_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSWhen a currency symbol is outside its length limit
2476INEXISTING_CURRENCY_SYMBOLIf no currency symbol is specified
2480INVALID_TO_INSTALLMENT_POSITIONIf the installment amount of a recurring payment is an invalid amount (must be a positive integer)
2481INVALID_PMT_VALUEIf the PMT amount for a recurring payment is invalid (must be zero or a positive amount)
2482PAYMENT_PLAN_NOT_AVAILABLEWhen the loan bill payment schedule is not available
2483AT_LEAST_ONE_PERIODIC_PAYMENT_PLAN_MANDATORYIf at least one recurring payment is defined in a payment schedule
2484SUM_OF_PERIODIC_PAYMENTS_LESS_OR_EQUAL_WITH_LOAN_AMOUNTWhen the sum of periodic payments specified in the repayment schedule is less than or equal to the loan amount
2485PAYMENT_PLAN_ENTRIES_NOT_ORDEREDIf the periodic payments of a payment plan are not in ascending order (the starting position is greater than the final position of a periodic payment)
2486INTEREST_RATE_COMPUTATION_ERRORWhen the interest rate cannot be calculated based on a payment schedule
2487INVALID_PERIODIC_PAYMENT_ENCODED_KEYWhen an update is performed for a non-existent payment plan entry
2488DUPLICED_PERIODIC_PAYMENT_ENCODED_KEYWhen a payment plan update contains duplicate hardcoded keys
2489INVALID_INTEREST_CHARGE_FREQUENCY_METHOD_MUST_BE_NULLInterestChargeFrequency is invalid (must be null for fixed payment plan product)
2490INVALID_DAYS_IN_YEARS_METHOD_MUST_BE_NULLDaysInYears is invalid (must be null for fixed payment plan product)


response codeDescription
2500PRODUCT_ID_ALREADY_IN_USEIf the Product ID is already in use
2501INVALID_ROUNDING_REPAYMENT_CURRENCY_FOR_PRODUCT(2501),When rounding, redemption currency does not match product options
2502INVALID_COMMUNICATION_MESSAGE_ENCODED_KEYIf the encrypted key provided for the communication message is invalid
2503INVALID_EMAIL_SUBJECTIf the email is sent without a valid subject
2504CANNOT_ADJUST_OFFSET_DEPOSIT_TRANSACTIONWhen trying to match a transaction to a linked clearing warehouse


response codeDescription
2600SDK_CLIENT_COULD_NOT_BE_GENERATEDIf something goes wrong while generating the SDK client and the client can be generated
2601SDK_CLIENT_LANGUAGES_COULD_NOT_BE_OBTAINEDIf something went wrong while getting the available languages ​​for SDK client generation
2602MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_COMMUNICATION_MESSAGES_TO_RESEND_EXCEEDEDWhen the maximum number of failed communication messages to resend exceeds Mambu's defined property
2604RESEND_FAILED_COMMUNICATON_FAILEDWhen trying to resend a failed communication and it fails (due to various causes: invalid ciphered key of communication message or various other reasons such as misconfiguration of communication message)
2605DUPLICATE_ENCODED_KEYAttempting to resend a list of communication messages will duplicate one or more encrypted keys
2606MESSAGE_STATE_MUST_BE_FAILEDWhen trying to resend a communication without failure
2607NO_MESSAGE_FOUNDIf no message was found in a list of message-encrypted keys
2608MESSAGE NOT FOUNDIf the message for that specific encrypted key is not found
2609MISSING_ENCODED_KEYIf the message to be resent does not have the specified encrypted key
2610URL_CONTAINS_QUOTESWebHook URLs cannot contain double quotes
2611MISSING_RECIPIENTMessage recipient is away if necessary
2612RECIPIENT_NOT_ALLOWEDMessage recipient is specified but not allowed
2613INVALID_CLIENT_RECIPIENTCustomer recipient is invalid
2614INVALID_CREDIT_OFFICER_RECIPIENTLoan officer recipient is invalid
2615INVALID_GROUP_ROLE_RECIPIENTThe group role assignee is invalid
2616INVALID_CUSTOM_FIELD_RECIPIENTThe custom field receiver is invalid
2617INVALID_EVENTThe template event used for this message is invalid
2618INVALID DESTINATIONThe template destination used for this message is invalid
2619INVALID_PLACEHOLDERA template placeholder is not allowed
2620INVALID_FIELD_LENGTHIf name or subject is an invalid length
2621INVALID_WEBHOOK_REQUEST_TYPEWebHook request type is invalid
2622URL_CONTAINS_INVALID_PLACEHOLDERSWebHook URLs cannot contain specific wildcards, such as B. Amortization Schedule Placeholder
2623UNABLE_TO_RECALCULATE_SCHEDULEWhen schedule recalculation fails
2624UNABLE_TO_APPRAISE_LOAN_ACCOUNTIf the credit account assessment fails
2625TRANSACTION_MADE_BY_A_DISBURSEMENT_FEEThe transaction is a prepaid fee type that cannot be reversed individually
2626INVALID_TARGET_ACCOUNT_TYPEIf the target account is a fixed deposit (fixed deposit or savings plan).
2627NEGATIVE_TARGET_ACCOUNT_BALANCEWhen the target account has a negative balance. Withdrawals cannot be transferred to overdraft accounts (overdraft cannot be paid with another loan)
2628ZERO_DISBURSE_AMOUNTWhen an account tries to withdraw to a deposit account but with zero amount
2629INVESTOR_FUNDED_LOAN_ACCOUNTWhen an account is attempted to be withdrawn into an escrow account using funds from outside investors
2630INVALID_TARGET_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_KEYIf the destination account holder is not the same as the loan account holder (withdrawals can only be transferred from a customer's loan to one of their deposits)
2631TRANSFER_NOTES_LENGTH_EXCEEDS_MAXIMUM_SIZEWhen reference tokens are larger than the maximum size allowed.
2632CANNOT_MAKE_TRANSFER_FOR_FOREIGN_CURRENCY_IF_ACCOUNTING_ENABLEDWhen the user tries to make a transfer between two deposit accounts and the source account has accounting enabled and uses a foreign currency

Cards (2700 - 2799)

response codeDescription
2700CARD_REFERENCE_TOKEN_FORMAT_INVALIDIf card reference format is invalid (null or too long)
2701CARD_REFERENCE_TOKEN_ALREADY_IN_USEThis card token is already in use with another checking or revolving account and cannot be used.
2702CARD_REFERENCE_HAS_ASSOCIATED_HOLDS_OR_TRANSACTIONSIf the card reference has associated authorization blocks or card transactions when deleted
2703CARD_REFERENCE_NOT_FOUNDIf the card reference token is not found in the database
2704DUPLICATE_AUTHORIZATION_HOLDIf an authorization block with the same card token and external reference ID already exists.
2705DUPLICATE_CARD_TRANSACTIONIf a card transaction with the same card token and the same external reference ID already exists.
2706AVAILABLE_BALANCE_BELOW_ZEROWhen available balance drops below zero (becomes negative)
2707AUTHORIZATION_HOLD_NOT_FOUNDIf the authorization lock was not found in the database
2708INVALID_AUTHORIZATION_HOLD_STATEWhen authorization status operation is denied
2709CARD_TRANSACTION_CANNOT_BE_ADJUSTEDOnce a transaction originates from a card, it cannot be reversed. If a chargeback is intended, please refer to oursupport page
2711CARD_TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDNo original card transaction found for:{cardReferenceToken=card1}, {externalReferenceId=ft2}
2712CARD_TRANSACTION_MAX_REVERSAL_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDThe amount exceeds the maximum transaction amount available for cancellation:{maximum amount available for cancellation}
2713CARDS_FEATURE_DISABLEDPromotion cannot be completed until card features are activated for your Mambu tenant.


response codeDescription
2801PRODUCT_MUST_BE_ACTIVEWhen updating an account with an inactive product
2802TARGET_AMOUNT_IS_NEGATIVEIf the deposit account target amount is negative
2803MAX_WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSIf the maximum withdrawal amount does not match the product
2804ACCOUNT_HOLDER_KEY_INVALIDThe specified account holder key is invalid
2805ACCOUNT_HOLDER_TYPE_INVALIDThe specified account holder type is invalid
2806INVALID_WITHHOLDING_TAX_SOURCE_KEYWithholding tax key is not a valid withholding tax type index record
2807INTEREST_RATE_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSInterest rate does not match product restrictions
2808INVALID_INTEREST_PAYMENT_POINTIf the account has no interest payment point or is different from the product
2809INVALID_INTEREST_PAYMENT_DATESIf the interest payment dates on the account do not coincide with those on the product
2810REQUIRED_OVERDRAFT_INTEREST_RATEWhen overdraft interest margin is required due to product discontinuation
2811REQUIRED_OVERDRAFT_EXPIRY_DATEWhen overdraft due date is required due to product discontinuation
2812REQUIRED_OVERDRAFT_LIMITWhen an overdraft limit is required due to product settings
2813DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_FIELD_NOT_EDITABLEWhen a field in the current account cannot be edited
2814DEPOSIT_PRODUCT_MISMATCHIf a field in the current account doesn't match the product settings
2815ACCOUNT_TYPE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_RECOMMENDED_DEPOSIT_AMOUNTIf the account type does not allow the recommended deposit amount
2816ACCOUNT_TYPE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_MAX_WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNTIf the account type does not allow the maximum withdrawal amount
2817ACCOUNT_TYPE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_TARGET_AMOUNTIf the account type does not allow for a target amount
2818REQUIRED_INTEREST_RATEIf the interest rate is required due to product discontinuation
2819INTEREST_RATE_SHOULD_BE_NULLIf the interest rate is zero
2820ÜBERDRAFT_INTEREST_RATE_SHOULD_BE_NULLIf the overdraft fee is zero
2821OVERDRAFT_INTEREST_SPREAD_SHOULD_BE_NULLWith overdraft interest, the spread must be zero
2822INVALID_ACCOUNT_TYPEIf the account type is invalid
2823INVALID_ACCOUNT_KEYIf the account key is invalid


response codeDescription
3000INVALID_AMORTIZATION_PROFILERate amortization profile is not valid
3001AMORTIZATION_PROFILE_NOT_ALLOWEDDepreciation profile is not allowed in product settings
3002INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCYA frequência de amortização da taxa não é válida
3003INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_PERIOD_COUNTCustom interval time for billing amortization frequency is invalid
3004INVALID_AMORTIZATION_SETTINGSInvalid or missing amortization settings
3005AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_TOTAL_STEPS_NOT_ALLOWEDAmortization frequency user-defined interval total steps for rate are not allowed
3006AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_PERIOD_UNIT_NOT_ALLOWEDCustom interval time unit for rate amortization frequency is invalid
3007AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_PERIOD_COUNT_NOT_ALLOWEDCustom interval time for billing amortization frequency is invalid
3008INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_TOTAL_STEPSAmortization frequency custom range total increments for rate are invalid
3009INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_CUSTOM_INTERVAL_PERIOD_UNITRate amortization frequency range custom time unit is not allowed
3010AMORTIZATION_SETTINGS_NOT_ALLOWEDAmortization settings not allowed (e.g. for product type)
3011INVALID_INTEREST_RATE_TERMSIf the terms of interest are invalid
3012TRANSACTION_DISBURSEMENT_DATE_DOES_NOT_MATCH_WITH_TRANCH_EXPECTED_DATEIf the specified payment date does not match the expected payment date of the next installment

3100 transaction channels

response codeDescription
3100DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_NAMEThe specified transaction channel name already exists
3101DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_IDThe specified transaction channel ID already exists
3103INVALID_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_LOAN_CONSTRAINTSWhen trying to save a channel with invalid rental restrictions
3104INVALID_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_SAVINGS_CONSTRAINTSWhen trying to save a channel with invalid deposit restrictions
3105INVALID_TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_ACCOUNT_USAGEWhen trying to save a channel with an account use other than DETAIL type
3106CANNOT_DELETE_DEFAULT_TRANSACTION_CHANNELDefault transaction channel must not be deleted
3107TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_IN_USEUsed transaction channels should not be excluded
3108TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_CANNOT_BE_DEACTIVATEDRaised when an attempt is made to disable a transaction channel that should not be disabled


response codeDescription
3202INCONSISTENT_TRANSACTION_USER_KEY_WITH_ACCOUNT_USERWhen the user assigned to the transaction is different from the user making the request
3203INCONSISTENCY_BETWEEN_CHANNEL_KEY_AND_IDWhen the provided key and transaction channel ID do not match the same transaction channel
3204INCONSISTENT_TRANSACTION_PRODUCT_KEY_WITH_ACCOUNT_PRODUCTIf the product key provided in the transaction does not match (equal) the product key assigned to the account.


response codeDescription
3300DUPLICATE_IDWhen trying to save an entity and the ID is already in use by another entity
3301DUPLICATE_NAMEWhen trying to save an entity and the name already exists.
3303ID_CONTAINS_SPACESThe ID used in the store operation contains spaces and must not be
3304INVALID_EXTERNAL_IDTransaction external ID is invalid
3305EXTERNAL_ID_ALREADY_EXISTSAnother transaction from the same funding source already has this external ID
3311INVALID_ASSIGNMENT_FROM_NO_MEETING_DAYWhen trying to associate an entity that is not associated with a center or associated with a center without an assembly tag to a center with an existing assembly tag
3312HOLDER_HAS_ACCOUNTS_IN_DIFFERENT_BRANCH_WITH_CENTRE_OR_CREDITOFFICER_MISMATCHThe account holder has accounts at several branches to which the center or loan officer does not belong.
3320ACCOUNT_ALREADY_DISBURSEDThe available amount has been reduced below the already withdrawn amount (the available amount is negative) and further withdrawals are not possible.


response codeDescription
3402INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_INTERVAL_TYPEThe billing amortization frequency interval type is invalid
3403INVALID_AMORTIZATION_FREQUENCY_PREDEFINED_INTERVALS_UNITAmortization Frequency Predefined range unit for rate is invalid
3404NON_POSITIVE_DEFAULT_INTEREST_RATEIf the default interest rate is not positive
3405NON_POSITIVE_MIN_INTEREST_RATEIf the minimum interest rate is not positive
3406NON_POSITIVE_MAX_INTEREST_RATEIf the maximum interest rate is not positive
3407INVALID_INTEREST_RATE_MIN_MAX_DEFAULT_TUPLEIf the Min Max Default tuple is not valid for the interest rate
3408DEFAULT_MIN_MAX_NOT_AVAILABLEWhen min-max interest rate standards are not available
3409INTEREST_RATE_TERMS_ARE_READONLYIf interest terms are not available
3410INTEREST_CALCULATION_BALANCE_METHOD_READONLYThe balance method for calculating interest is read-only
3411INTERNAL_TRANSFER_CANNOT_USE_CUSTOM_FIELDSInternal remittance transactions do not have a transaction channel and therefore cannot have custom fields.
3412INCONSISTENT_FEE_CALCULATION_METHOD_WITH_INCLUDE_FEE_IN_FLOOR_AMOUNT_OPTION_ENABLEDIf the loan product does not support the percentage of the repayment principal amount in fees when the Include fees in minimum amount option is enabled
3413INCONSISTENT_FEE_CALCULATION_METHOD_WITH_TOTAL_BALANCE_OPTION_ENABLEDIf loan product does not support percentage of repayment amount in rate with percentage of total balance option
3414INCONSISTENT_LATE_REPAYMENT_FEE_TRIGGER_WITH_TOTAL_BALANCE_OPTION_ENABLEDIf the loan product does not support arrears with the "Percentage of total balance" option
3415INACTIVE_ACCOUNT_BRANCHCan only store loan accounts associated with an active branch
3416INCONSISTENT_ACCOUNT_BRANCH_ASSOCIATION_CENTRE_OR_CREDITOFFICER_MISMATCHWhen the other functions of the credit center or officer become inconsistent due to an industry affiliation
3417INVALID_ACCOUNT_BRANCH_ASSIGNMENT_DUE_CENTRE_MEETING_DAY_MISMATCHFor fixed accounts only, when a branch of a loan account that is not associated with a head office or a head office with no meeting day tries to be associated with a head office with a meeting day
3418CANNOT_CHANGE_LOAN_GROUP_BRANCH_FOR_A_SOLIDARITY_GROUPWhen changing branches when creating or editing a loan group for a caring community
3419CANNOT_CHANGE_LOAN_ACCOUNT_BRANCH_WHEN_RESHEDULE_REFINANCEWhen trying to change agencies, refinance or refinance a credit account
3420INVALID_FEE_APPLICATIONIf the loan product fee request is not valid
3421INVALID_FEE_AMORTIZATION_UPON_RESCHEDULE_REFINANCE_OPTIONIf loan product fee amortization is not valid in rescheduling/refinancing option
3422FEE_AMORTIZATION_UPON_RESCHEDULE_REFINANCE_OPTION_IS_MANDATORYIf the amortization amount of the loan product is mandatory for the rate
3424NOT_ADJUSTED_TRANSACTION_LOGGED_AFTER_CURRENT_ONEWhen an unadjusted transaction is recorded after the current one
3425CANNOT_ADJUST_INTEREST_ON_DISBURSEMENTIf a payment interest rate cannot be adjusted
3426TRANSACTION_TYPE_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_ADJUSTMENTIf the nature of the transaction does not allow customization
3427TRANSACTION_ALREADY_ADJUSTEDWhen trying to customize an already customized transaction
3423FEE_TRIGGER_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen load trigger is not allowed for product configuration
3428PAYMENT_DUE_FEES_ON_DUE_DATES_TRIGGER_NOT_ALLOWEDTrigger to pay past due fees on due date is not allowed for current product configuration
3429EDITING_PAYMENT_DUE_FEES_APPLIED_ON_DUE_DATES_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen editing past due rates applied on due dates (does not allow reassignment of past due rates applied on due dates in edit schedule)
3430DEPOSIT_INTEREST_FEATURE_DISABLEDInterest fields cannot be specified when the DEPOSIT_INTEREST feature is disabled

3500 federated authentication

response codeDescription
3500CANNOT_CREATE_NEW_USER_IN_FEDERATED_CONTEXTWhen trying to create a new user and federated authentication is enabled.


response codeDescription
3600EMPTY_CUSTOM_FIELD_IDCustom Field ID is empty
3610ACCOUNT_ALREADY_CLOSEDaccount closed
3611INVALID_GUARANTEE_TYPEWarranty type is invalid
3612ORIGINAL_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDNo original account was found that moved this
3613INVALID_ORIGINAL_ACCOUNT_STATEThe original account is not in Closed, Rescheduled/Refunded status
3614INCONSISTENT_AMORTIZATION_ACCOUNTING_SETUPThe original account has a fee with amortization and cannot be reprogrammed/funded to another product
3615PAYMENT_DUE_FEES_ON_DUE_DATES_NOT_ALLOWED_AT_RESCHEDULE_REFINANCEThe original loan product or the newly selected product has maturity rates set on fixed maturity dates and the loan account cannot be rescheduled/refinanced
3620CANNOT_APPLY_REPAYMENT_ON_ZERO_BALANCE_ACCOUNTIf the account has zero balance, no refunds can be made
3621LOCKED_BALANCE_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen the blocked balance is set and must not be changed
3622INEXISTING_TOLERANCE_CALCULATION_METHODIf the backlog tolerance calculation method does not exist
3623ARREARS_TOLERANCE_DAY_OUTSIDE_CONSTRAINTSIf the backlog tolerance calculation method does not exist
3624INCONSISTENT_ARREARS_TOLERANCE_VALUES_WITH_ARREARS_TOLERANCE_METHODWhen the issue tolerance calculation method and the issue tolerance parameters do not match.
3629SAVINGS_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_OFFSET_LINKINGA loan account cannot be linked to a deposit account that does not allow clearing linking. Check that the custody account ID is correct or that the custody product offers this functionality.
3630INVALID_SETTLEMENT_ACCOUNT_KEYWhen a clearing account key is invalid
3631INVALID_SETTLEMENT_ACCOUNT_STATEIf the status of a deposit account is not valid for linking
3632INVALID_DATA_MIGRATION_EVENT_KEYIf no data migration events are available for the specified identifier
3633ANOTHER_TASK_IN_PROGRESSWhen another background task is running
3634INVALID_DATA_IMPORT_TASK_KEYIf no data import task is available for the specified identifier
3640DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_LINKED_TO_LOAN_ACCOUNTS_ON_DIFFERENT_BRANCHESWhen a deposit account is linked to other credit accounts located in different branches
3641SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_LINKED_TO_LOAN_ACCOUNTS_ON_DIFFERENT_BRANCHESWhen a savings account is linked to other loan accounts located at different branches
3642INVALID_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_HOLDERLinking should only be done between accounts of the same account holder
3643UNLINKABLE_DEPOSIT_PRODUCTThe deposit product is not accepted for linking by the credit product
3644INEXISTING_DATE_CALCULATION_METHODIf no date calculation method is specified
3645INEXISTING_NON_WORKING_DAYS_METHODIf no non-working days method is specified
3650MESSAGE_SENDING_ERRORAn error occurred while trying to send the background task message to the messaging system
3651CONNECTION_CLOSING_ERRORIf an error occurred when trying to close the connection to the messaging system
3652CONSUMER_SERVICE_STARTING_ERRORValidation errors if message consumer service is started and already started
3653CONSUMER_SERVICE_ALREADY_STARTEDAn error occurred while trying to send the background task message to the messaging system
3654CONSUMER_UNSUBSCRIPTION_FAILEDIf an error occurred when trying to unregister the queue
3655CONSUMER_SUBSCRIPTION_FAILEDAn error occurred while trying to subscribe to the queue
3660INVALID_SUPPORT_ROLE_ASSOCIATIONSupport role cannot be assigned to an admin or cashier
3661INVALID_SUPPORT_ROLE_NAMESupport role name cannot be changed
3662INVALID_SUPPORT_ROLE_USER_RIGHTSUser rights for the support role cannot be changed
3663INVALID_SUPPORT_ROLE_PERMISSIONSPermissions for support role only need to be viewed


response codeDescription
3700LOAN_ACCOUNT_FIELD_NOT_EDITABLEWhen a field in the loan account cannot be edited
3701INCOMPATIBLE_ARREARS_TOLERANCE_METHOD_AND_PRODUCT_TYPEIf the selected product type is not compatible with the selected residue tolerance method.
3710TRANSACTION_CHANNEL_NOT_ALLOWED_WHEN_DISBURSE_TO_DEPOSITWhen trying to withdraw a loan account to a deposit account, the transaction channel ID/Key is given
3720INVALID_TARGET_ACCOUNT_STATE_FOR_DEPOSITWhen target account status does not allow deposit
3730FEE_AMOUNT_ALREADY_DEFINED_IN_PRODUCTThe rate amount cannot be specified because it is already defined in the product
3732MANDATORY_FEE_AMOUNTThe fee amount provided is mandatory
3740INVALID_SORTING_SELECTIONWhen the sort selection value in the instant lookup is not a valid data field or custom field ID
3741BLACKLISTED_CLIENT_NOT_EDITABLEWhen trying to update a blacklisted client
3742INVALID_STRING_VALUEWhen trying to update a field with unsupported characters
3743NOTIFICATION_STATE_IS_REQUIREDNotification status is required
3744NOTIFICATION_EVENT_MESSAGE_IS_REQUIREDNotification event message is required
3750INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_MANDATORY_FOR_FIXED_ACCOUNTSInstallment number is mandatory for fixed loan accounts
3759CLIENT_ID_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred while anonymizing the customer ID
3751INSTALLMENT_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_DYNAMIC_ACCOUNTSInstallment number is not allowed for dynamic accounts
3752INVALID_INSTALLMENT_NUMBERThe parcel number is out of bounds
3753CANNOT_APPLY_FEE_ON_PAID_INSTALLMENTAttempting to charge a fee on a paid fare
3754MANDATORY_ACCOUNT_HOLDER_TYPEAccount holder type must be specified
3760CLIENT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_EXITED_STATEWhen trying to anonymize a customer who does not have an EXITED status
3761UNSUBSCRIBE_CLIENT_FROM_NOTIFICATIONS_ERRORIf there was an error unsubscribing the customer from notifications (when deleting customer notification requests)
3762CLIENT_PERSONAL_INFORMATION_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred when anonymizing the customer's personal data
3763CLIENT_LOAN_ACCOUNTS_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred while anonymizing the customer's credit accounts
3764CLIENT_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTS_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred while anonymizing customer deposit accounts
3765CLIENT_LINES_OF_CREDIT_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred while anonymizing the customer's credit lines
3766CLIENT_GUARANTEES_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred when anonymizing customer warranties
3767CLIENT_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGES_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORAn error occurred while anonymizing client notifications
3768CLIENT_ASSOCIATED_TASKS_ANONYMIZATION_ERRORIf an error occurred while anonymizing customer-related tasks
3780INVALID_API_KEYIf the API key found in the request header is not valid
3781API_KEY_REFRESH_ERRORIf the API key found in the request header is not valid
3782FILE NOT FOUNDWhen downloading a file that does not exist in remote storage
3783UPLOADED_FILE_NOT_FOUNDIf the uploaded file is not found
3784MISSING_CLIENT_ROLEDuring a GET client function call, the given client is not mapped to any client function.
3785plano de fundo_PROCESS_STATE_IS_REQUIRED
3790NOT_ALLOWED_TO_CREATE_REOPEN_ACCOUNTS_<br>WITH_RECALCULATE_SCHEDULE_KEEP_SAME_TOTAL_REPAYMENT_AMOUNTReturn code for when a user tries to create or reopen an account using the prepayment recalculation method "Recalculate schedule, keep the same total return value".


response codeDescription


response codeDescription


response codeDescription
6000HYBRID_GROUP_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_DBEI_CAPITALIZED_INTERESTDeclining balance loans (equal installments) and capitalized interest are not availableHybrid (Solidarity)groups, onlyfor individualsefor pure groups🇧🇷 define thosefor hybrid groupsit's wrong.
6001HYBRID_GROUP_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_REDRAW_ENABLEDRental products with redesign function are not availableHybrid (Solidarity)Groups. define thosefor hybrid groupsit's wrong.
6002PRODUCT_LINKING_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_REDRAW_ENABLEDThe product link is not available when the redraw feature has been activated.
6003FUNDING_SOURCES_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_REDRAW_ENABLEDLoan accounts with redraw feature cannot be funded by a P2P funding source.
6004STEUERN_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_REDRAW_ENABLEDTaxes cannot be applied to an account with Redescar enabled. PhrasetaxOnInterestEnabled,TaxesOnFeesEnabledetaxOnPenaltyEnabledfalsify or remove them from your order.
6005REDRAW_AND_OFFSET_SETTINGS_ENABLED_SIMULTANEOUSLYA loan account can only have the redraw or offset feature enabled, not both.
6006HYBRID_GROUP_NOT_AVAILABLE_FOR_OFFSET_LOANProducts with offset enabled are not available for hybrid (solidarity) groups.
6007INCONSISTENT_OFFSET_SETTINGS_WITH_PRODUCT_TYPEOffset settings are not available for the specified product type.
6008INCONSISTENT_OFFSET_SETTINGS_WITH_OFFSET_FEATUREOffset settings are not available when the offset feature is turned off.
6009PRODUCT_LINKING_IS_MANDATORY_WHEN_OFFSET_ENABLEDOffset settings are enabled and product link is not defined.
6010LINKED_DEPOSIT_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_ALLOW_OFFSETThe linked deposit product does not allow clearing.
6011LINKED_DEPOSIT_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_EXISTA linked warehouse product does not exist.
6012FUNDING_SOURCES_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_OFFSET_ENABLEDFunding sources are not supported when offsetting is enabled
6013STEUERN_NOT_AVAILABLE_WHEN_OFFSET_ENABLEDTaxes are not supported when offsetting is enabled.
6017WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_GREATER_THAN_DUE_AMOUNTThis error can occur whenWithdrawal Restrictionhas been activated for a loan accountredraw the balance sheetactivated and the account holder attempts to withdraw an amount that reduces the total withdrawal balance to less than the amount due for the next monthly payment.


response codeDescription
7100PREPAYMENT_RECALCULATION_METHOD_ON_REPAYMENT_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_LOAN_ACCOUNTThe loan account does not allow choosing the prepayment recalculation method at the time of repayment, the repayment method is generally defined at the product level.
7217INSTALLMENTS_ADJUSTMENT_DETAILS_NOT_EXPECTEDFee adjustment details are only expected when adjusting a transaction if the Transaction Type is Fee Due or Reduced Penalty and the Product Type is Fixed Term.
7218INSTALLMENTS_ADJUSTMENT_DETAILS_NOT_EXPECTED_BULKRate adjustment details are not expected if the adjustment affects multiple transactions.
7219INSTALLMENTS_ADJUSTMENT_DETAILS_MISSINGWhen adjusting a transaction, the fee adjustment details must be present in the request body for the Term Loan product type and reduced fee/penalty transaction type.
7220INSTALLMENT_KEY_NOT_FOUNDWhen customizing a reduced fee/penalty transaction for a fixed term product type and the key encoded part of the incoming request text is invalid.
7221INSTALLMENT_KEY_DUPLICADOWhen customizing a Reduced Fee/Fee Due type transaction to the Fixed Term product type and the rate-encoded key appears multiple times in the incoming request text.
7222INSTALLMENT_STATE_NOT_ALLOWEDWhen customizing a reduced fee/penalty transaction for a fixed term product type and the fee received in the incoming request body is not in one of the editable states (PARTIAL_PAID, LATE, PENDING).
7400DUPLICATE_BLOCK_IDA block fund with the specified ID already exists in the deposit account.
7401INVALID_BLOCK_FUND_STATEWhen trying to perform an action on a block background with invalid status.
7402BLOCK_FUND_DOES_NOT_EXISTWhen trying to perform an action on a block background that does not exist.


response codeDescription
8500BRANCHES_CONFIGURATION_EMPTYThe branch configuration in the request body cannot be empty.
8501NULL_BRANCH_ENTRYBranches cannot be null. At least one null entry was detected.
8502ZWEIG_NAME_LENGTHThe branch name cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8503BLANK_BRANCH_NAMEThe branch name cannot be empty. The error returns the branch ID.
8504BRANCH_ID_LENGTHBranch ID cannot exceed 32 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8505BLANK_BRANCH_IDBranch ID cannot be empty. The error returns the index of the branch.
8506DUPLICATE_BRANCH_IDThe branch ID must be unique. The error returns the branch ID.
8507BRANCH_EMAIL_FORMATThe agency's email is not in the correct format. A valid email address consists of an email prefix before the @ sign and an email domain after the @ sign. The email prefix must not exceed 64 characters. The email domain must not exceed 63 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8508BRANCH_EMAIL_LENGTHThe length of the branch email address cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8509BRANCH_PHONE_LENGTHThe branch phone number cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8510ADDRESS_FIELD_LENGTHThe branch address field cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns the branch ID.
8511BLANK_HOLIDAY_IDHoliday ID cannot be empty. The error returns the holiday index and branch ID.
8512INVALID_HOLIDAY_IDThe Holiday ID must be between 1 and 2,147,483,647. The error returns the holiday ID and the branch ID.
8513DUPLICATE_HOLIDAY_IDThe Holiday ID must be unique. The error returns branch ID and holiday ID.
8514BLANK_HOLIDAY_NAMEThe holiday name cannot be empty. The error returns branch ID and holiday ID.
8515HOLIDAY_NAME_LENGTHThe holiday name cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns branch ID and holiday ID.
8516HOLIDAY_DAY_OF_MONTH_ERRORIt isDay of monthHoliday ID cannot be empty and must be between 1 and 31. The error returns the Branch ID and Holiday ID.
8517HOLIDAY_MONTH_OF_YEAR_ERRORIt ismonth of the yearHoliday ID cannot be empty and must be between 1 and 12. The error returns the Branch ID and Holiday ID.
8518HOLIDAY_YEAR_ERRORIt isAgainHoliday ID cannot be empty and must be between 1900 and 9999. The error returns the Branch ID and Holiday ID.
8519HOLIDAY_VALID_DATE_ERRORThe combination ofDay of month,month of the year, orAgainof the holiday is not a valid date. The error returns branch ID and holiday ID.
8520CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_BRANCHThe branch cannot be deactivated as it has active centers. The error returns the branch ID.
8700CENTRE_CONFIGURATION_EMPTYThe center setting in the request body must not be empty.
8701CENTRE_ID_LENGTHCenter ID cannot exceed 32 characters. The error returns the center ID.
8702BLANK_CENTRE_IDCenter ID cannot be empty. The error gives the center index.
8703DUPLICATE_CENTRE_IDThe Center ID must be unique. The error returns the center ID.
8704CENTRE_NAME_LENGTHThe center name cannot exceed 256 characters. The error returns the center ID.
8705BLANK_CENTRE_NAMECenter name cannot be empty. The error returns the center ID.
8706INVALID_CENTRE_MEETING_DAYThe day of the central meeting cannot be a non-working day of the organization. The error returns the center ID.
8707BLANK_CENTRE_BRANCH_IDCentral Branch ID cannot be blank. The error returns the center ID.
8708BRANCH_IS_INACTIVEIt isAssigned Branch IDThe center value cannot be that of an inactive branch. The error returns the center ID.
8709BRANCH_DOES_NOT_EXISTIt isAssigned Branch IDThe plant value must match that of an existing branch. The error returns the center ID.
8710CENTRE_STATE_BLANKThe center state cannot be empty. The error returns the center ID.
8712NULL_CENTRE_ENTRYCenters cannot be zero. At least one null entry was detected.


response codeDescription


response codeDescription

Account service (11000 - 11999)

response codeDescription
11000ACCOUNT_IS_ALREADY_OVERDRAFT_ACCOUNTAnother overdraft account cannot be created because the specified account is the overdraft account.
11001ACCOUNT_IS_BLOCKEDCredit and debit transactions are blocked for the account.
11002ACCOUNT_IS_CLOSEDThe account is closed.
11003ACCOUNT_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDCredits and debits are not blocked for the account.
11004ACCOUNT_IS_NOT_CLOSEDThe account must be closed before reopening.
11005ACCOUNT NOT FOUNDThe specified account was not found.
11006ACTIVE_HOLDS_OR_BLOCKSAccount with active holds or bans cannot be closed.
11007AVAILABLE_BALANCE_EXCEEDEDThe transaction could not be processed because the amount exceeds the available balance.
11008BALANCE_DATE_BEFORE_ACCOUNT_CREATIONThe transaction could not be processed because the closing date is earlier than the account creation date.
11009BALANCE_DATE_IN_THE_FUTUREThe transaction date is in the future.
11010BALANCE_NOT_ZEROThe account cannot be closed if the balance is not zero.
11011BALANCE_NOT_SMALLER_THAN_BLOCKA debit block with an amount cannot be created because the blocked amount is less than the account balance.
11012CANNOT_BLOCK_COUNTERPARTY_WITH_AMOUNTThe counterparty and an amount cannot be locked together in the same request. To block both, run a separate request for each operation.
11013CHANGE_LIMITS_IS_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_OVERDRAFT_ACCOUNTChanging the account limit cannot be applied directly to the overdraft account.
11014COUNTERPARTY_CREDIT_IS_BLOCKEDThere is a credit freeze for the counterparty.
11015COUNTERPARTY_CREDIT_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDCredit operations are not blocked for the counterparty.
11016COUNTERPARTY_DEBIT_IS_LOCKEDThere is a debt block for the other party.
11017COUNTERPARTY_DEBIT_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDDebit transactions are not blocked for the counterparty.
11018COUNTERPARTY_IS_BLOCKEDThere is a credit and debit block for the counterparty.
11019COUNTERPARTY_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDCredit and debit operations are not blocked for the counterparty.
11020CREDIT_IS_BLOCKEDCredit operations are blocked on the account.
11021CREDIT_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDCredit operations are not blocked on the account.
11022DEBIT_AMOUNT_EXCEEDED_OPERATION_LIMITThe amount exceeds the minimum or maximum transaction limit set for direct debit transactions.
11023DEBIT_IS_LOCKEDDebit transactions are blocked on the account.
11024DEBIT_IS_NOT_BLOCKEDDebits are not blocked on the account.
11025DUPLICATE_COMMANDThe request has already been processed.
11026HIGH_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe transaction could not be processed as it would have resulted in the account balance exceeding the limit set for the account.
11027HOLD_NOT_FOUNDIt isholdIdwas not found.
11028HOLD_SIDE_MISMATCHIt isholdIdruns with the page that does not match the page it was created with.
11029INSUFFICIENT RESOURCESThe specified account does not have sufficient funds.
11030INTERNAL ERRORAn internal error occurred while processing the request. It needs to be resent.
11031INVALID_COMMAND_IDIt iscommand idin the order is not valid.
11032INVALID_LIMITSThe account could not be created because the lower limit is greater than the upper limit.
11033LOW_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe transaction cannot be processed because it will leave the account balance below the lower limit set for the account.
11034MISSING VALUEThe amount is not specified in the order.
11035MISSING_ACCOUNT_IDIt isKonto-IDnot specified in the order.
11036MISSING_ACCOUNT_NUMBERIt isAccount numbernot specified in the order.
11037MISSING_CURRENCY_CODEThe account could not be created because thecurrency codenot specified in the order.
11038MISSING_COMMAND_IDIt iscommand idnot specified in the order.
11039MISSING_HOLD_IDIt isholdIdnot specified in the order.
11040MISSING_OWNER_IDIt isowner idnot specified in the order.
11041MISSING_REQUEST_IDIt isOrder Identificationnot specified in the order.
11042MISSING_TENANTThe tenant is not specified in the request.
11043MISSING_TIMESTAMPThe timestamp is not provided in the request.
11044NEGATIVE_AMOUNTThe specified value is negative.
11045NO_LIMIT_FOR_OVERDRAFT_ACCOUNTThe application requires opening an overdraft account, but the floor is not negative.
11046NOT_POSITIVE_AMOUNTThe specified value is not positive.
11047OVERDRAFT_ACCOUNT_READY_EXISTThe request requires an overdraft account to be created, but an overdraft account already exists for the account ID.


response codeDescription

Mambu payment gateway


As Mambu Payment Gateway is under active development, new bugs may be added or error codes changed at short notice.

When using Mambu Payment Gateway, other general errors may occur. These includeSERVICE_INVALIDorPARAMETER_NOT_SUPPORTED🇧🇷 If you get these errors, theTextThe parameter should contain additional information that will help debug the error, for example, indicating that the parameter contains an unsupported value, indicating that a required field was not provided, or when mutually exclusive fields were provided in the body of a message. In these cases, there may not be a specific error number, but theTextThe parameter provides information on how to correct the error.

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response codeDescription
CREDIT_TRANSFER_REJECTED(-1)The payment order failed due to a received pacs.002 rejection message.
CREDIT_TRANSFER_RETURNED(-1)The payment order failed due to a received pacs.004 return message.
CREDIT_TRANSFER_RECALLED(-1)The payment order failed because it was retrieved by a camt.056 message.
CREDIT_TRANSFER_FAILED(-1)The payment order failed due to an internal error.
DIRECT_DEBIT_REVERSED(-1)Collection failed due to a pacs.007 cancellation message received.
DIRECT_DEBIT_REFUNDED(-1)Withdrawal failed due to received pacs.004 refund message
DIRECT_DEBIT_RETURNED(-1)Collection failed due to a received pacs.004 return message.
CREDIT_TRANSFER_REJECT_FAILED(-1)The cancel transaction failed when trying to reverse a payment that was rejected by an incoming pacs.002 message.
CREDIT_TRANSFER_RETURN_FAILED(-1)Null transaction failed when trying to reverse a payment returned via an inbound pacs.004 message
CREDIT_TRANSFER_RECALL_FAILED(-1)The cancel transaction failed when trying to cancel a payment that was canceled by an incoming camt.056 message.
DIRECT_DEBIT_REVERSE_FAILED(-1)The cancel transaction failed when trying to undo a collect that was undone by an incoming pacs.007 message.
DIRECT_DEBIT_REFUND_FAILED(-1)The cancel transaction failed when trying to undo a charge that was refunded by an incoming pacs.004 message.
DIRECT_DEBIT_RETURN_FAILED(-1)Transaction void failed while trying to undo a collection returned via an inbound pacs.004 message.
PAYMENT_LOCKED(-1)The charge failed because it was blocked by the debtor.
SUSPENDED_CREDIT_TRANSFER_REJECT_COMPLETED(-1)A previously suspended payment order failed due to an AMLrejectedReply.
SUSPENDED_CREDIT_TRANSFER_REJECT_FAILED(-1)Void transaction failed when trying to reverse an originally suspended payment that was AMLrejected.
401BALANCE_BELOW_ZEROThe payment would result in a below-zero balance for the specified deposit account.
407INVALID_DEPOSIT_ACCOUNT_STATEThe deposit account is not in a valid state to initiate payments (must be Approved or Active).
408LOCKED_SAVINGS_AMOUNTThe amount cannot be reduced below the amount blocked by withdrawal or transfer.
417MAXIMUM_WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_EXCEEDEDThe withdrawal amount is greater than the maximum withdrawal limit defined in the savings product or at the savings account level.
418MAXIMUM_OVERDRAFT_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe overdraft amount is greater than the maximum overdraft limit defined in the savings product.
499UNKNOWN_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_ERRORThe Mambu Core Banking System responded with an unknown error

HTTP status codes

Mambu uses standard HTTP status codes; Some of the most common are detailed below:

response codeDescription
200 OK / 201 CreatedThe request was successful.
400 Invalid requestThe request was invalid or could not be understood by the server (incorrect syntax). Resending the request will likely result in the same error.
401 UnauthorizedThe username and password credentials are missing or invalid for the specified request.
402 payment requiredYour Mambu account is unhealthy. Please pay any outstanding bills.
403 VerbotenThe user is trying to perform an action for which they don't have rights or their credentials are incorrect. You can also get this error if you have it turned onIP access restrictionsand trying to access Mambu from an unauthorized IP address. You may also receive this response code if your account is locked out, which can happen after multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in to the UI. To seeAccess Settings - Block users after failed loginsfor more information.
404 not foundResource not found. This can be returned if the specified loan account, deposit account. Client or group does not exist. The response body explains which resource was not found.
422 Unprocessable entityYou might get this response if you've made a lot of malformed API requests in a short amount of time. Invalid requests may include an incorrect password for the given username or post a malformed JSON body, with subsequent requests with the same body producing this error.
500 Internal server errorThe server encountered an error processing your request and failed.
gateway error 502The load balancer or web server is having problems connecting to the Mambu application. Try the request again.
503 service unavailableThe service is temporarily unavailable. Try the request again. Possible cause could be too many invalid authentication attempts in a row.

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What are error codes in API? ›

API error messages
HTTP error categoryHTTP response Code
30 more rows

What should API return for error? ›

The REST API reports errors by returning an appropriate HTTP response code, for example 404 (Not Found), and a JSON response. Any HTTP response code that is not in the range 200 - 299 is considered an error.

What is an API response? ›

An API response consists of the response body, headers, and the HTTP status code.

How do you write an error response in REST API? ›

The most basic way of returning an error message from a REST API is to use the @ResponseStatus annotation. We can add the error message in the annotation's reason field. Although we can only return a generic error message, we can specify exception-specific error messages.

What are 4 common types of code errors? ›

Programming errors
  • syntax errors.
  • logic errors.
  • runtime errors.

What are the 3 types of errors? ›

Types of Errors
  • (1) Systematic errors. With this type of error, the measured value is biased due to a specific cause. ...
  • (2) Random errors. This type of error is caused by random circumstances during the measurement process.
  • (3) Negligent errors.

What is a 404 error in API? ›

The HTTP 404 Not Found response status code indicates that the server cannot find the requested resource.

How do you handle 4xx errors? ›

Clear your cookies and cache. Your web browser may be trying to use invalid or expired cookies. It is possible that your browser has cached a corrupt version of the web page you are trying to reach and as a result, a 400 – Bad Request is returned. It could be the receiving server.

Should an API return 404? ›

If you would expect a resource to be there, because it is looked up using an ID, then a 404 is expected. Something goes wrong, the resource you need to be there is not found.

What are the 3 types of APIs? ›

Web APIs
  • Open APIs. Open APIs, also known as external or public APIs, are available to developers and other users with minimal restrictions. ...
  • Internal APIs. In contrast to open APIs, internal APIs are designed to be hidden from external users. ...
  • Partner APIs. ...
  • Composite APIs. ...
  • REST. ...
  • JSON-RPC and XML-RPC. ...
  • SOAP.

What is a 200 response API? ›

The HTTP 200 OK success status response code indicates that the request has succeeded. A 200 response is cacheable by default. The meaning of a success depends on the HTTP request method: GET : The resource has been fetched and is transmitted in the message body.

What are the common API response codes? ›

Here are the 5 most common client-side status error codes and how to solve for them:
  • 404 Not Found.
  • 401 Unauthorized.
  • 403 Forbidden.
  • 400 Bad Request.
  • 429 Too Many Requests.
  • 500 Internal Server Error.
  • 502 Bad Gateway.
  • 503 Service Unavailable.
7 Jul 2022

What are the 4 sources of error? ›

Common sources of error include instrumental, environmental, procedural, and human. All of these errors can be either random or systematic depending on how they affect the results.

How to format REST API response? ›

Rest API Success Responses
  1. GET - Get single item - HTTP Response Code: 200. ...
  2. GET - Get item list - HTTP Response Code: 200. ...
  3. POST - Create a new item - HTTP Response Code: 201. ...
  4. PATCH - Update an item - HTTP Response Code: 200/204. ...
  5. DELETE - Delete an item - HTTP Response Code: 204.

What are the 6 constraints of REST API? ›

The idea behind REST is to impose certain rules upon the API so that you get more performance, scalability, simplicity, modifiability, visibility, portability, and reliability.

What are the 2 types of errors? ›

What are Type I and Type II errors? In statistics, a Type I error means rejecting the null hypothesis when it's actually true, while a Type II error means failing to reject the null hypothesis when it's actually false.

What are 3 error detection techniques? ›

Error Detection Techniques

There are three main techniques for detecting errors in frames: Parity Check, Checksum and Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

What are the 400 errors? ›

The 400 bad request error is an HTTP status code that describes an error caused by an invalid request. Thus, the server can't understand and process it. Most HTTP error 400 bad requests are caused by malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing.

What are Type 1 2 and 3 errors? ›

Type I error: "rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true". Type II error: "failing to reject the null hypothesis when it is false". Type III error: "correctly rejecting the null hypothesis for the wrong reason". (1948, p.

How many types are error? ›

Generally errors are classified into three types: systematic errors, random errors and blunders.

What is error and its types? ›

The uncertainty in a measurement is called an error.

There are 3 types of errors namely – Random error. Systematic error. Gross error.

What is API error 500? ›

The client application gets an HTTP status code of 500 with the message Internal Server Error as a response for API calls. The HTTP status code 500 is a generic error response. It means that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

What is a 403 and 404 error? ›

You are not authorized to view this page (HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden) Or. The page cannot be found (HTTP Error 404 - File not found)

What is the difference between 401 and 404 error? ›

The three status codes that felt the most appropriate are: 401 - Unauthorized. 403 - Forbidden. 404 - Not Found.

What are 400 and 500 errors? ›

A first digit of 4 represents a client—side error, with the most common codes in the range of 400 to 404. A first digit of 5 represents a server—side error, with the most common codes in the range of 500 to 510. Because the codes in 400 and 500 range represent errors, they are also referred to as HTTP Error Codes.

What is the 402 error? ›

The HTTP 402 Payment Required is a nonstandard response status code that is reserved for future use. This status code was created to enable digital cash or (micro) payment systems and would indicate that the requested content is not available until the client makes a payment.

What is 2xx 3xx 4xx 5xx in API? ›

2xx successful – the request was successfully received, understood, and accepted. 3xx redirection – further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request. 4xx client error – the request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled. 5xx server error – the server failed to fulfil an apparently valid request.

What is 422 error? ›

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 422 Unprocessable Entity response status code indicates that the server understands the content type of the request entity, and the syntax of the request entity is correct, but it was unable to process the contained instructions.

What does error 204 mean? ›

The HTTP 204 No Content success status response code indicates that a request has succeeded, but that the client doesn't need to navigate away from its current page. This might be used, for example, when implementing "save and continue editing" functionality for a wiki site.

Should REST API always return 200? ›

However, they told me specifiying status code like 400, 404, 300, is part of RESTful API, and returning always 200 is the right status code because the server responded and it is alive. APIs, always have to return 200 except 500. Because when the server dies, it can't return anything.

What are 3 most common APIs? ›

Today, there are three categories of API protocols or architectures: REST, RPC and SOAP.

What is V2 and V3 API? ›

V2 and V3 Catalog REST APIs allow you to manage your store's products, categories, and brands, along with their sub-resources. Both the V2 and V3 Catalog APIs authenticate with OAuth and can be used concurrently within a single application; however, data representation can be significantly different.

What is a 304 error? ›

The HTTP status code 304 means Not Modified – the web page you requested hasn't changed since the last time you accessed it. After that, your browser will retrieve the cached version of the web page in your local storage.

What is 400 status code in API? ›

The 400 Bad request status code indicates that the server was unable to process the request due to invalid information sent by the client. In other words, the client request needs modification.

What is the difference between 204 and 404? ›

Show activity on this post. and a request is made to retrieve user 1234, that doesn't exist, then you should return 404. In this case, the client requested a resource that doesn't exist. If there are no users in the system, then, in this case, you should return 204.

What is API error 3? ›

Generic Response Codes (1 - 60)
Response CodeDescription
0 SUCCESSThe request was successful
1 INVALID_BASIC_AUTHORIZATIONThe application id or application key are not configured properly.
2 INVALID_CREDENTIALSThe username and password provided was invalid.
32 more rows

What is a 202 response? ›

Accepted 202

The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed. The request may or may not eventually be acted upon, as it may be disallowed when processing actually takes place. there is no facility for status returns from asynchronous operations such as this.

How do you handle API errors? ›

The simplest way we handle errors is to respond with an appropriate status code. Here are some common response codes: 400 Bad Request – client sent an invalid request, such as lacking required request body or parameter. 401 Unauthorized – client failed to authenticate with the server.

What is 400 error code in API? ›

The 400 Bad request status code indicates that the server was unable to process the request due to invalid information sent by the client. In other words, the client request needs modification.

What do error codes mean? ›

error code. noun [ C ] IT. a number that appears on a computer screen to show that you have made a particular mistake or that something has gone wrong in a program: Error code 7 keeps coming up on my monitor.

What is 500 error code in API? ›

The client application gets an HTTP status code of 500 with the message Internal Server Error as a response for API calls. The HTTP status code 500 is a generic error response. It means that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

What is a 403 API response? ›

An HTTP 403 response code means that a client is forbidden from accessing a valid URL. The server understands the request, but it can't fulfill the request because of client-side issues. API Gateway APIs can return 403 responses for any of the following reasons: Issue. Response header.

What is a 402 error code? ›

The HTTP 402 or “Payment Required” code isn't a standard response, and most browsers don't use it. Therefore, if you see a 402 status, it usually means there was a problem with a payment. HTTP status 402 is a rare code classified as “experimental” or under development.

What is 401 error code in API? ›

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 401 Unauthorized response status code indicates that the client request has not been completed because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the requested resource.

What are the different types of error codes? ›

Now that you have a high-level understanding of HTTP status codes, we will look at the commonly encountered errors.
  • 400 Bad Request. ...
  • 401 Unauthorized. ...
  • 403 Forbidden. ...
  • 404 Not Found. ...
  • 500 Internal Server Error. ...
  • 502 Bad Gateway. ...
  • 503 Service Unavailable. ...
  • 504 Gateway Timeout.
24 Oct 2014

What is the most common error code? ›

Seven most common HTTP error codes and status codes
  • “401 Unauthorized” First on our list of HTTP error codes is 401. ...
  • “404 Not Found” A 404 status code is a common HTTP error code on the internet. ...
  • “500 Internal Server Error” ...
  • “502 Bad Gateway” ...
  • “301 Moved Permanently” ...
  • “302 Found” ...
  • “410 Gone”
6 May 2021

What is a code 5 error? ›

Error Code 5 is a Windows error code that appears when the user does not have sufficient permission to access the requested file or location. It appears when the software was denied access to a location for the purposes of saving, copying, opening, or loading files.

What are 500 and 502 errors? ›

500 error – the most generic error possible. It doesn't tell you anything more than the error is in the server. 502 error – bad gateway. The server was doing a job as a proxy or a gateway and got an invalid response from another upstream server.

What is 503 error? ›

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 503 Service Unavailable server error response code indicates that the server is not ready to handle the request. Common causes are a server that is down for maintenance or that is overloaded.

What is 200 status code in API? ›

The HTTP 200 OK success status response code indicates that the request has succeeded. A 200 response is cacheable by default. The meaning of a success depends on the HTTP request method: GET : The resource has been fetched and is transmitted in the message body.

What is the difference between 500 and 404 error? ›

1. 500 Internal Server Error - The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. 2. 404 Not Found - The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI.


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